The Media Mayhem

by Lorana Hoopes

There are a lot of things wrong this election, but I think one of the worst is the media. I don’t think there’s any doubt that the mainstream media tends to lean left and therefore short changes conservative candidates while ignoring scandals on the left, but this year the media was, and created, a debacle.

Let’s start with Fox News. Not only was Hannity pretty much Trump from the get go, but Fox and every other station covering every stupid thing Trump said or did only raised his visibility. He had more free air time than all the other candidates combined. He was already a well-known name, but this pushed him to the forefront.

People tend to vote for what they know.

Then they didn’t really follow the other candidates or make a big deal about their wins. When Cruz won Utah – it was all about how well Trump did. When Marco Rubio won DC – crickets. Nobody’s success, except Trump’s, was talked about on either Fox or any other station. This created the assumption that we didn’t care about the rest of the candidates, only Trump, thus cementing his name and brand in the minds of voters.

Now, the media has all of Trump’s scandals to replay and rehash day after day. Ratings are through the roof and money is good. I honestly think the media wants Trump to win because then they will have fodder for years to come. Of course, I think they’ll have that anyway because I don’t see Trump going away silently.

The media now is even trying to discourage voters from voting Third Party. Evan McMullin has been doing a lot of interviews lately, which is awesome, but every one asks him the same question. “How do you feel about taking votes from Trump, thereby helping Hillary win.” You can almost see him cringe when they ask this question, not only because he’s answered it a million times already, but because it’s sending the wrong message. McMullin’s campaign is not about trying to get one candidate to lose, it’s about trying to get conservative ideals back in the minds of the people. If the media keeps telling people he can’t win, they will, sadly, believe them.

The media is basically saying every time they interview him, “Why did you bother? We’ll never vote third party.” And this is exactly why he ran. The two party system has become so corrupt, and it’s not the only option, but we have been told for many years that it is. You have to vote Democrat or Republican or your vote doesn’t matter. The truth is though that it does matter. If all the people who are fed up this cycle voted for a man they believe in instead of against someone they hated, McMullin could win outright.

We have to stop believing every word the media tells us and start thinking for ourselves. The media gave us Donald Trump. The media pushed him on voters.

And by the way if you want a real shake up of government, McMullin is the only candidate for term limits. If you want to get rid of the establishment and the corrupt career politicians, McMullin is the only one advocating for that. Trump will never get rid of the establishment because they’ve made him rich, but McMullin will.

So turn off your TVs; stop letting the media lead you where they want; do some research; and vote for someone you can be proud of.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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