Donald Trump Is A Very Shallow Man

By, Jason Taylor

All politicians have big egos and need public adulation. That’s not a crime.
What is a “crime” is how breathtakingly shallow and incurious about the world Trump seems to be.

No knowledge of history, or what he has he got from movies. Apparently, he doesn’t read books. No heroes? Come on, everyone can find something to admire in Churchill, George Marshall, or even Patton. Trump is the rich kid who paid a nerd to do his homework and never even bothered to read what the nerd wrote.

It’s hard to write this without seeming disrespectful to his acolytes but is this truly your idea of a person qualified to be President. I can’t call you deplorable because I don’t know anyone voting for Trump. I simply don’t get it.. . unless his followers simply want to extend a middle finger to a world that they can’t accept and function in.

Trump is just not a very bright guy when all is said and done. He has a fragile ego that needs constant stroking and he is a bully. I had a feeling that the lightweights of the GOP could not handle him, and it turned out to be truer than I could have imagined. JEB? was clearly not up to the task. Frankly, except for CRUZ, the republican dummies were outsmarted by a guy with a 3rd-grade vocabulary. If he is not humiliated by the spectacle he is making of himself there is definitely something very wrong with him. Maybe he does not understand what being humiliated is as long as he is in the media constantly.

After witnessing this nauseating, insomnia-inducing Trump phenomenon for the past year or so, it occurred to me recently that I have never had such visceral hatred for a public figure before. It’s not a feeling I’m proud of, but it’s the truth. It strikes me how shallow Trump is that all of his and his kid’s activities are directed toward taking things from people less fortunate than them. It shows me that he and his family are interested only in the plight of their family at the expense of the rest of the US populace.

What worries me is not the fact of Donald Trump. I sized him up as a deeply insecure individual who sought to overcompensate through obnoxious, bullying behavior — the very first time he came to my attention. Such people are neither pleasant to be around nor, unfortunately, all that rare. What gets me is the fact that such an obvious misfit could become the candidate of the party that 150 years ago liberated millions of enslaved and horribly oppressed people in one of the noblest episodes of human history — the American Civil War. Why did anybody give him a minute’s worth of time let alone billions of dollars in free publicity that he assuredly used to promote his toxic “brand”?

Donald apparently has for most of his life feared to be a loser, a term that he hopes to pin on hundreds of people and organizations he has trashed over the years. But the loser is, in fact, Donald. He has divided the GOP into two camps: those who support him and cannot afford to stay in his hotels, and those who can afford to stay in his hotels but never will again. Good luck, Mr. Trump: as your boat sails off into the sunset, paddle hard.

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