The McMullin Phenomenon

by Lorana Hoopes

If I had a nickel for every time someone tells me “I like Evan McMullin, but he can’t win,” not only would I be a millionaire, but he would be our next president.

Last night, I was trolled on Twitter, as usually happens when you post something about Evan McMullin. What struck me though was the guy was telling me to get involved, to urge others to do the same. I responded that I was, just not for the candidate he wanted, and therefore he had nothing to say and returned to his, “you’re helping Hillary win” fall back line.

Let me make a few things clear here.

One, a vote for Evan McMullin is not a vote for Trump or a vote for Hillary. It is not a vote for the lesser of two evils. It is, in fact, a vote for the only decent, experienced candidate that is running this year. It is also a vote, win or lose, for a new party. Whether Donald Trump wins or loses, the GOP is no longer my home, and a new conservative party is rising up. Evan McMullin is the face of the new party. He is welcoming people of all races. His numbers among millennials and minorities are higher than Trump’s and he entered the race late. He’s already surged to leading the polls in Utah, imagine what he would be doing if he had entered earlier.

Two, I truly believe Trump and Hillary are in this together. If you saw this video the Resurgent posted earlier, Trump is either playing us all or there was some huge fall out that never made the news. This video in 2008 shows him praising Hillary as a woman, as a senator, as a wife, as a leader. It goes on to say he thought people were attacking her too hard because she was a very nice lady. Remember, he also invited the Clintons to attend his wedding, and Ivanka and Chelsea are pretty good friends. Fast forward to eight years later, and we’re supposed to believe that he didn’t mean all those things? Now he calls her corrupt, a terrible wife, and the worst secretary of state ever. Which Trump are we to believe? Oh, right, that’s a common problem with him. Take also her Wikileaks showing she wanted Donald to win. Now whether that’s because they’re in this together or simply because she figured he would damage himself the way he has and make her look better I’ll let you decide.

So when people tell me I have to vote Trump to stop Hillary or vice versa, I can’t swallow that lie. To me, they’re one and the same. I am voting for the one person who can stop both Trump and Hillary. Evan McMullin can deny them both 270.

Yes, I know it’s a long shot. Yes, I know it takes courage, but look back on our history.

What if the original settlers who defied England had said, “I can’t vote for freedom because it might get worse?” What if the founders had never signed the Declaration of Independence for fear of what might happen? What if the Republicans had said, “I can’t vote for slaves to be free because something worse might happen?”

The best changes in our nation’s history have happened when we overcame our fear and stood up to the status quo that was no longer working. The two party system is no longer working. Most Republicans are not the alt right of Donald Trump, and most Democrats are not the liberal left of Hillary Clinton, but they keep getting elected because we are too scared to say no to them and vote differently. They’ve conditioned us to believe that only a Republican or a Democrat can win, and that simply is not the case.

There are millions of undecided voters who could cast a vote for Evan McMullin. There are also millions of Republicans holding their nose and voting Trump and millions of Democrats doing the same for Hillary. If all of these voters stopped voting against a candidate and started voting for a candidate, then we might actually get a good, decent candidate.

The last ditch effort of Trump trolls is this statement: God can use Trump. I agree, but if you look in the Bible, God used a lot of bad men to destroy nations. He used men who repented to help the nations. Trump has already said he’s never had to repent, so if I were a betting woman, I’d lay my bet that God is not using Trump to save us. But even if I were to follow that logic, then why couldn’t God use Hillary? Better yet, why couldn’t God use Evan McMullin? He’s the one candidate who professes a relationship with God. He has no scandals that we know of. He’s not facing litigation or criminal charges. If God were going to use someone for good, wouldn’t he choose the man he could communicate with? The only one listening?

Evan McMullin is building a following. He’s pulling Democrats from Hillary, and he’s pulling Republicans from Trump. He’s giving millennials a reason to vote. His poll numbers are amazing for someone relatively unheard of and who entered the race just a few months ago. On election day, he will be on the ballot or a write-in option in 45 of the 50 states, enough to win 270 electoral votes outright.

When you get your ballot in the mail or you stand in line, remember that you have a choice. Remember that overcoming fears makes us stronger. Remember that there is a good option rather than a “less evil” option. Remember that you can make History.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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