I’ve Had A Change Of Heart

By, Jason Taylor 

Through this entire election cycle, I have maintained that if Donald Trump was the GOP choice I would cross party lines and vote for Hillary Clinton. When I was writing for Erick Erickson at The Resurgent I wrote a piece declaring just that. That I would take the woman over the child. My original choice in this election was Marco Rubio, and when he dropped out Ted Cruz became my choice for President. Anyone that truly knows me knows that I am extremely pro-life across the board.

Through my ups and downs, I’ve never wavered on my fight for the unborn… even folks that dislike me would tell you that. There is little doubt that Hillary Clinton will be our next President, but here in Texas I will not be pulling the lever for Clinton, and certainly not Trump. I will be writing in Evan McMullin for President of the United States.

The more that I’ve looked at Evan and what he stands for I feel very comfortable writing him in here in Texas. To me, Evan seems center right, and I believe that is where the party needs to go. He is also pro-life, a huge plus for me. Evan doesn’t seem to want to buy into the hyper-partisanship that currently exists in the GOP and in the far right media, also a plus.

I don’t know if Evan McMullin will be around in 2020, but that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the message that Evan is giving the homeless Republicans like myself, and sending a clear message that the Conservative party needs to change if we are to ever see the White House again.

Hillary Clinton will annihilate Donald Trump on election day. She’ll be President before the polls close in California. My vote will be for Evan McMullin, and the future of the Republican Party.


  1. Well said. I too will be writing in McMullin in Texas. Praying that this election will act as the wake up call needed to be the catalyst for real change in the Republican Party and In our two party political system.

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