Don’t Root For The Cubs

By Bobby M.

Even the most casual of fans know that the biggest sports story in a while is upon us, “Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series”. I will grant you that they probably have their share of respectable, long-suffering fans who for those people, it would be great to see their faith in their team rewarded. But I would not be doing my job as a St. Louis Cardinals fan if I did not satirize some of their supporters with some tongue-in-cheek fun at their expense.


Most baseball fans know to take nothing for granted. That same pitcher or hitter who played a part in their team making it to the playoffs could go cold at any point; especially when the lights are shining at their brightest. The sense that I have gotten from many Cubs fans throughout the year is that the regular season was all part of a coronation. As if destiny had already been determined and that their team is supposed to win it all in the end. That is incredibly obnoxious and takes away from the best part about the game, that no matter what, anything can happen.


You would think this was not possible, but some of their fans have even taken things beyond the motif I just spoke of. They have given off a belief that all of MLB history was only just a prelude to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series this year. Speaking for a sect of fans that have a pretty good tradition to call upon (as do quite a number of other teams) I find that to be an insult to the very game. To draw a parallel, compare this sense of entitlement to that of Trump supporters and the way they have acted this political season. All sports fans who happen to be anti-Trump can easily see the similarities.


Consider for a moment just how insufferable that entitlement will become if their winning became a reality. So do yourself and everyone else a favor and hope that the Cleveland Indians win. They have played this entire year out in a workmanship fashion to where they are not expecting anything. Still not convinced? Then consider the division that this election season has caused. After all, republicans can root against them because Hillary Clinton is a Cubs fan. And democrats can do the same because the Cubs owners are donating millions to Donald Trump. Both parties can begin a sense of healing for our country and unite together as one by opposing the Cubs and hoping another long-suffering fan base can be awarded.

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