The Joke’s On You…

By, Jason Taylor

I know one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt, Donald Trump is spectacularly unqualified to lead this country. He is morally bankrupt, selfish, egotistical, and a pathological liar. Anyone who would still consider voting for him after all that has happened is indeed “deplorable.” These are harsh words, and I have never said them about another candidate in my 28 years of voting. But in this case they are well deserved.

The joke is on Trump’s supporters. Trump never wanted to be president. He saw what Sarah Palin’s candidacy did for her and he thought, That would work really well for me. After he loses he is going to take his campaign donations and legally convert all that money into his personal income?—?and never pay any taxes on it. Then he will embark on his new money making venture of making speeches at $100,000’s of dollars per appearance to venues packed full of feral idiots. The idolatry and fame could go on for decades…for the rest of his life at least.

Trump will go down in flames. What worries me though, is that those who espouse many of Trump’s philosophy?—?the Steve Bannons of the world-will use this to recruit a character that is more polished and smooth. Another Trump could rise that is more dangerous, and has more of a chance of being elected. What I find distressing in particular the cowardice of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus and other GOP “Leaders”. What these so called “leaders” of the Republican Party should have earned as a result of this election cycle should be the disdain of the American public. The excuse that they must vote for the nominee of the Party is the ultimate demonstration of the cowardice.

I am not concerned with Trump. He is only one person and after the election he hopefully will not be center stage. I am tired of listening to all of his conspiracy theories. The only thing that disgusts me more than his conspiracy theories are all of his surrogates who continue to promote the lies. A larger concern for me are the amount of Trump supporters. How will we ever move forward if people believe it is fine and dandy to vote for someone of Trumps temperament and publicly displayed values. This scares me as I would never have believed someone who has made so many racist and bigoted comments would have so many supporters.

If we want a better government, we need politicians who care about our country more than our party. If we want better journalism, we need to turn off the “fake news” that aims for ratings instead of truthfulness. If we want better education, we need to pay teachers.

Face it: If we want to stop Trumpism, we have to stop the GOP.

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  1. Everything you’ve said about Trump is precisely why I want him to win. It could only be better if he actually did have on the clown makeup. He is, to me, The Big Bright Orange Middle Finger that truly encapsulates my deep contempt for the “political class” and their bureaucrat minions( or is it the other way around?). The colossal nerve of the so-called “technocrats” to presume to move us all about like some massive Sims game to meet their own self-serving image of a more perfect society. Nothing could be a better statement than a President Trump. Please please PLEASE!

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