“If I Win”

By, Jason Taylor

“I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election?—?if I win,” Mr. Trump said to cheers at a rally in Delaware, Ohio.

Mr. Trump, speaking in his ‘totally’ patented 6th grade vernacular, reassured his 3rd grade audience that his kindergarten claim to accepting reality ‘only if he wins’, was heartened by the warm support of his audience’s pre-school appreciation and understanding of democracy and American tradition.

With his the head I win tails you lose coin bullying approach Trump is not only questioning the basic assumption of peaceful transfer of power in democracy but also become a threat to the America and beyond that to the entire democratic world. As such ensuring a sure defeat of Trump at the presidential polls becomes a democratic obligation of the American public and the presidential electoral college.

Donald Trump needs to lose more than this election. He needs to lose his brand. People should boycott his many “product” lines, from wines to shirts and ties, and his properties. This is the only way this immature bully will fully understand that the majority of American people are not a bit interested in what he’s selling, be it hatred, petulance, lies, and/or garish merchandise.

Elections in this country are not about winning. They are about gaging the needs of the electorate and who among our leaders can meet those needs. To Trump this election is all about numbers and the desire to beat everyone else, not about being competence or serving the people. Personal ego is the way to dictatorship and elitism. In our country we for the most part have had leaders who understood this and we have a process that deals with power driven egotists that don’t. With Donald trump our system faces a test to determine whether our country can with stand a fascist ego maniac intent on subverting it.

Trump’s comments were very unfortunate and completely unnecessary at this time. He could have brought up issues after the voting took place, if the election were close, and he believed there was voter fraud that tilted the outcome. Trump’s initial refusal to say he would accept the results of the election was a final narcissistic gambit to put himself at the center of the results, even if Sec. Clinton were the actual winner. Likewise, his subsequent clarification still deliberately sows doubt about his intentions, thus insuring that a larger number of people will care about what he says and does on election night. On November 8, Hillary Clinton will win fair and square. If there’s anything “rigged” about the election, it will be Trump’s various maneuvers to appear relevant right up to the bitter end.

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