The Donald Trump Meltdown Continues

By, Jason Taylor

A pasty looking Donald Trump was quite surprising for the first thirty minutes of the third debate last night. He seemed calm, and collected. Even a bit sedated at times, (heavy dose of beta blockers) often looking as though he couldn’t keep his eyes open. Trump seemed to be sticking to the Kellyanne Conway script fairly well. Many of us, myself included were thinking out loud this is a new Donald Trump, but also counting the minutes until Trump would go off script. But as par for the course for the Donald he didn’t disappoint.

Trump was definitely better, but not good enough. He still came across as temperamentally unfit. I think Clinton scored one of her stronger points by noting how he whenever he doesn’t win (even something as trivial as an Emmy) he claims the system is rigged. He never, ever looks to his own behavior. Here’s a man who refused to prep for the debates, has been substantially outspent by Hillary, has been out-organized by the Hillary campaign, has shot himself in the foot again and again as he focuses on minor issues and insults. has incoherent policies?—?and yet is stunned that he’s losing. What did he expect? Just open his mouth and say any damn thing and that’s all it takes? It’s this kind of childishness that makes him unfit.

It was truly shocking to hear Donald Trump say the he will not commit to accept the results of the election. Mr. Wallace pointed out that accepting election results is a pillar of our democracy and he reiterated that he would not say he would accept the outcome. He does not believe in democracy, he wants to be our dictator. As an American this man is a humiliation?—?a walking disgrace. The only thing more embarrassing is that so many Americans are ignorant enough, racist enough and sexist enough to support him.

When Trump casts doubt on whether he will accept the results of the presidential election because the vote is “rigged,” he casts doubt on the election of all candidates, including those of his reluctant Republican colleagues.

Trump looked weak, upset, not the least bit presidential. He tosses empty words and fact checks destroy his line. Sadly there are many who are not real educated and cannot see the empty words. They just align with the anger. The Country and Democrats and well meaning Republicans do need “go high” and focus on helping people in our Country and the World. We should not “name call” but calmly show this man for the fascist he is.

Watching Kelly Anne Conway run away from a CNN reporter after trying to spin the rigged election thing, and then watching the CNN panel Republican panelists trying to staunch the bleeding demonstrates the colossal failure of the GOP to lead. The American people have been subjected to a shocking presidential campaign. Donald Trump has created a national atmosphere of extreme anxiety and fear among voters that may well result in voter indifference and apathy. It is indeed a national tragedy.

After that debate, I accept that Donald was planted by the Clinton’s to destroy the GOP.

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