Kudos to Marco Rubio

By Bobby M.


Speaking as an independent voter, I used to be ambivalent regarding Marco Rubio. Other than thinking he was a nice guy and all, I did not care one way or the other when it came to him; except for hoping he could do his part to prevent a Trump Presidency. But the moment he decided to start supporting Donald Trump, that all changed. My opinion of him changed so much, I decided to take it upon myself to try and give the Patrick Murphy campaign some ideas to use against him for their next debate even though I do not live in the state of Florida.


While the odds are that the campaign assistant I spoke with may not be able to make a case to use any of the debate ideas I verbalized, I do at least thank him for listening. They obviously knew already that they had to try and tie Rubio’s judgement in all things to the poor decision of supporting a candidate who discriminates against so many different groups of people. In the first debate, Rubio countered that the best he could with saying he is prepared to stand up to whoever is the President, even if it was Trump. So the next idea I mentioned was for Patrick Murphy to counter that line by saying Rubio could not even stand up against Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards the groups it offends. My point was to try and give a few more ideas and examples from a hopefully fresh perspective for the Murphy campaign. The next biggest one was to remind people that Rubio is a political puppet after reversing course on getting out of politics when the GOP establishment begged him to reconsider and told them to hammer every aspect of this going back on his word in every way they could, providing a few examples on how to do so. To make a long story shorter, I really do not like Marco Rubio.


But we have to give credit where credit is due. It took a lot of guts for him to come out and tell his colleagues they should ignore the hacked info WikiLeaks is using to interfere in our country’s elections. We all know that the GOP will ignore this advice because it is one of their main bullets to use against the Clinton campaign, but I appreciate him even standing up for this ideal anyway. If Rubio can do that, maybe perhaps the future of the party can get back to being one with a moral backbone…just as long as that is not built on anyone that ever gave any kind of support to Donald Trump at any time.

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