Things I Hope To See in Debate #3

By, Bobby M.

While I believe Clinton easily won the first two debates, I am far too worried about what the world may be like if Trump were to become President to take her previous success for granted. Therefore, tonight’s debate is a pivotal one where I hope she can put him away and make the next three weeks an afterthought. This article (my premiere) will center around what I hope to see tonight to make that happen.


The media circuit is trying to say how Trump will try and get her to apologize for Benghazi. Not only do I hope she has something prepared for that, but I hope she makes the case in a pivot for all the times Trump needs to apologize to people. My idea for groups to hit on are: Mexican immigrants, Khan family, and people with disabilities. To personalize the tone a little more with the population of Nevada (site for the debate), maybe also ask him to apologize for his comments about how he was glad the housing market turned badly considering how that state is still reeling from the repercussions from that crisis.


Due to how big a factor the recent sexual assault allegations against Trump have been, that also needs to be discussed more. Clinton needs to make sure it is also tied to claims of walking in on the beauty contests to sneak a peek at the naked pageant contestants. There is proof on this both from his interviews with Howard Stern and the ladies that verbalized these concerns to the media. Then tie his misogynistic history in with it all using his own words, while including the recent attacks on Alicia Machado that happened after the first debate.


The public needs to be reminded on his taxes, both in how he mentioned last debate he has not paid taxes for 20 years, but also in how he still will not show them to the public even after that revelation. Personally, I think she needs to take a page from his playbook and claim perhaps it is because he lied about losing $1 billion that year all so he could avoid that civic duty. Tell people if he does not care about the country enough to pay taxes towards roads, schools and the military, that he would use that same poor attitude from a position of authority. Extra points could be earned by also tying this to his not giving to charity and/or how his foundation was used to bribe district attorneys to not sue Trump University. Finally, can even tie his tax plan differences into how Trump’s plan benefits the top 1% of the population the most.


Everyone knows that the millennial vote is a resource that  needs to be tapped into more. This is mainly because they overwhelmingly support Clinton over Trump, but also because this is the group that most often is apathetic to voting. One easy way to appeal to them is focus on the stark differences when it comes to global warming. Tie Trump to his claims that he thinks it does not exist and is a construct of the Chinese government compared to her extensive plan to combat climate change.


The biggest tool Trump has used to brainwash people into believing his con, is how his supposed business acumen will lead to job growth. Clinton needs to remind the viewers not only of all of his bankruptcies, but how countless investors also lost out. In fact, his same talk during the campaign on all this is very similar to that he used in conning those investors out of their savings. Then tie this all into the other groups of people he has scammed, as well as how he imports people into the country for many jobs instead of hiring Americans while also proving how all of his manufacturing is down in different countries. Another example that can be used towards this premise is how people need to know more about how he cheated work out of American steel workers when he chose Chinese made steel for his various construction jobs.


Another key factor of Trump’s con job involves the 2nd amendment. He and the NRA (they have TV ads literally saying people will lose their guns) have tried to say Clinton will have their right to bear arms removed. I guess a Presidential candidate does not even know the full process to change the Constitution if he is stating a lie such as this. She needs to call out this lie, as well as state her common sense plan regarding guns (better background checks and making sure terrorists/mentally ill do not get guns).


Yes I know Trump’s birther claims against President Obama have been discussed a lot, but there is one key point that needs that has not been made to the populace enough. He needs to be asked why he focused so heavily on it for such a long time. Perhaps in doing so, his racist nature can be proven to tonight’s large audience.


The last point I hope Clinton can make tonight is how it is irresponsible for a Presidential candidate to be making claims of a rigged election. Does he not understand that this talk of his can lead to societal unrest? This has led to some of his supporters suggesting assassinating Clinton and civil war. She either needs to get him to take it all back and say he will support the final results of the election or use it as just another reason why he is too dangerous to lead our country…or both.


When a candidate is as toxic as Donald Trump, obviously more can be used against him in this final debate. Feel free to use your imagination on how to expand this conversation on social media, trying to make your case to any undecided voters you may know, or if you attempt to reverse the brainwashing of anyone in his cult. I just know these are the highlights I hope to see Hilary Clinton make tonight in her bid to become our next President and save us from an apocalyptic future.



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