Arizona, Texas, Georgia Turning Blue? Camp Clinton Are Focused On It.

By, Jason Taylor

I’m sure the DNC would love to turn Arizona and Texas blue on the presidential level. Not sure there are tons of prospects at the congressional level in AZ. This move to win Arizona seems to be more oriented toward speeding up the state’s transformation into a competitive state at the presidential level. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Executing a similar strategy in Georgia and Texas makes sense as well for the democrats.

Pushing into red states at this point is demonstrating leadership; mobilizing local voters for local races provides supporters with even more reason to behave boldly. This is nowhere more important than Arizona where McCain declared yesterday that a Republican Senate will block any and all SCOTUS nominees by a Democratic President for as long as it takes to get a Republican President.

Nothing but the absolute demolition of this arrogant, lunatic know-nothing, whose hatred for this country can be seen in his nutty slogans and seditious speech will suffice. And I hope he drags down every single feckless Republican who didn’t have the guts to stand up to his lies and manipulation of the public.

Donald J. Trump represents the worst brand of demagogue this country has ever seen, ten times worse than Wallace, and a Nixon-in-waiting, complete with an enemies list, a pronounced intention to curb press freedoms, and attack the very foundation of our democracy in the name of “security.”

I’m tired of reading how angry Trump supporters are. Trump has so cheapened our electoral process and coarsened our dialogue that it might take decades to undo

I’m so disappointed by what this election has done to our political process. It’s become so ugly, so angry, so uncivil, and so wilfully ignorant. It’s clear now that, regardless of the outcome, Trump has no intention of conceding or going away quietly, that he intends to keep stirring the pot of rage indefinitely. The best thing that could happen for our country would be for a complete Democratic blow-out, a landslide large enough to unambiguously bury Trumpism once and for all.

Today’s GOP is a cancer on American democracy…time for surgery with a strong dose of radiation and chemo…let’s kill this cancer of hatred, bigotry, racism, misogyny, callousness, and greed…before it kills America.

This is the penance the GOP must pay for starting the Southern Strategy, and then not having the brains to abandon it in the face of a rising Hispanic citizenry. Trump is their reward and Trump will be their death knell come November.

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