Who Owns This?

By David Oslin

As everything falls down around the Donald Trump camp, we need to take a moment and remember who helped get us here, might bear responsibility and owns this mess. Well folks, the list is fairly long. Everyone mentioned from here on out holds significant responsibility in the rise and sustained cancer that is Trump.

  1. Fox News: FNC has abdicated the mantle and responsibility it took up with fair and balanced. The now embattled network was once the gold plated standard conservatives and patriots looked towards. Now it is a refuge of the Alt-Reich, white supremacy and ideas and thoughts that are quite frankly UN-American.
  2. Talk Radio: By in large, talk radio has been proven to be part of the Cuckservative Entertainment Complex. Publicly professed values were quickly tossed aside to get on the train. No group has been immune from this and it has caused people true pain as people they revered walked down the path of ruin.
  3. Americans For Prosperity/Freedom Works: An opportunity presented itself with Matt Kibbe stepping down to help out Rand Paul’s now failed campaign for president. These are two organizations that separated over serious differences that could have united into one truly awesome force. Given from my outside station, I believe that subject was not even considered after Kibbe’s departure. This failure to do so made people among the Conservative activist population take sides. The end result? The grassroots conservative of 2014 has been obliterated. Instead of confronting the problem, both factions have ignored the main stage from the beginning. Chances were missed. No one in the leadership of either organization should be happy with themselves today. This will be among the many reasons a new party is required.
  4. Sean Hannity: Mr “YOU OWN IT” and Trump’s press secretary have gone against everything he professed before this campaign. He has proven to be a straight up liar. He helped solidify the lies against Ted Cruz, and his track record is publicly documented even comparing Trump to King David most recently. Sean, I have a question: Were you lying then? Or are you lying now? This banned forum member is asking. Some of us actually BELIEVED you were for limited government. That this Cuckservative Entertainment Complex was a damn lie. You’re a damn liar. I hope your children are ashamed of you.
  5. Mark Levin: Mr. Mark Kerry Levin. (No Kerry is not his middle name) He just flip-flopped as much as Kerry did in the 2004 campaign. Early on he was pro-Trump. Then he seemed to back off. And as things got ugly he even threatened to walk off the GOP! Of course Mr Loudmouth doesn’t have the balls to back that threat up. What could have been a defining moment for Never Trump turned into a failure of epic proportions as Mark Levin endorsed The Trump. So Mark, I’ll ask you what I asked Sean: Were you lying then or are you lying now?
  6. Rush Limbaugh: I almost should not include the Alzheimer’s talk show host on this list. Elderly, out of touch and dealing with god knows how many issues attempting to keep his gravy train flowing, he refused to stop this before it began. He knows his power, he knows he could have stopped all of this. One proper broadcast in 2015 and Trump is likely toast. As he tries to sell more children’s books one needs to remember this: His thinking is ten years out of date. Its time for someone to take his microphone and shine it back to the luster it once had.
  7. Matt Drudge: The Drudge Report was once the front page of the internet for the politically awakened world. Then a disturbing comment was made. At the time it seemed an accurate one, an honest one. But that comment was when the spiral started. Infowars.com had made some serious news breaking a significant spy story and they’d been on that particular topic longer than anyone else. But Drudge directly addressed infowars suggesting they would be one of the major players of news moving forward. That is where Trump found his in. Co-opting Drudge by teaming up with Infowars, the Trump campaign has corrupted the source to such a point that a new source has sprouted. 180report.com

So many more deserve to be mentioned. But I could go on for far too long with something like this. However, let me give some dishonorable mentions. In no particular order: Wayne Dupree and the crew of WAAR, Wayne Allen Root, Chris Salcedo, Alex Jones, Jerry Falwell Jr., Lou Dobbs, The Entire Staff of Breitbart, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Reince Preibus, Speaker of the House Ryan, Former Speaker of the House Bohener, Mitch McConnell and Dinesh D’Souza

The people mentioned here — through either silence, betrayal of principles or by outright promotion — have damaged this country. They have made people afraid for their lives and done their level best to damage the very freedoms that allowed them to become who they are today.

Glenn Beck consistently talks about uniting after this is all over. How do you unite with the people that put you in this position? He who created the problem will not solve the problem. Every person on this list created the problem that is the Donald Trump Candidacy.


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