It’s Time To Do It Right!

by Lorana Hoopes

As I watched Megyn Kelly last night (one of the only Fox commentators I can still stomach), I was struck by two things:

  1. You can’t have your cake and eat it too

  2. This will be a year that people remember

First, let me say I think “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” has always been a stupid statement. If you can have the cake, but can’t eat it, why would you want it? However, it totally fits Trump this election. For one thing, his supporters wanted an outsider so they could win, but now that they have their outsider and he is literally imploding and therefore losing the election, they don’t seem to care. They don’t want to do what might win the election (dumping Trump); it is too important that he remains at the top of the ticket, which boggles my mind. Then there’s Trump himself. Before the last debate, he held a press conference with victims of Bill Clinton’s. Very admirable you might think, if it weren’t for the fact that he is now accused of the very same things. He stated how terrible it was that no one believed these women over Bill Clinton, but now he is calling the women coming out against him liars and assaulting their appearances. You can’t have it both ways, Donald. If we are to believe women when they claim sexual assault, then we have to believe them all.

And the pundits who think this is some strategy and keep harping on the “just 26 days until election” thread, it’s because of you that more women don’t come forward when they are assaulted. Keep in mind that most of these women were young, were nobodies, and Trump was this famous billionaire man. They were afraid they wouldn’t be believed or that he would defame them in public, both of which are happening now. So why are these women coming out? I think for two reasons. One, the tape of his “locker room talk” informed them that their case was probably not isolated. A man who brags about something like that in private has generally done it or worse. Two, he declared in the debate that he had never assaulted women. Imagine you are one of these women. Here you thought your case was isolated, maybe you gave off some signs you didn’t mean to, then you hear Trump’s words and realize maybe he did this to someone else too. Then he denies it and you know it happened to you, so you finally get the nerve to tell your story. This is exactly how it happens. And what is happening now with these women being vilified is exactly why more women don’t come out with their stories. They think no one will believe them, or people will say it wasn’t so bad. And we are proving them right.

So will that be what makes this the year to never forget? It could partially be because of this vulgarity, but I believe it will also be because it’s the election that has been more hated than any other. Adults are sick of their choice, they’re sick of hearing about lewd tapes and emails, and they realize that neither of these candidates are fit for office. And what are we doing for the next generation? Most of my students don’t even want to vote when they can. They’ve stated if these are the kinds of choices they will have, then why bother. Charles Krauthammer said that he doesn’t think this will be something that will go in the books. He thinks people will just forget it. They’ll want to, that’s for sure, but I’m not so sure they will. It kind of depends on what we choose to do.

We the People could stay silent and play this stupid two party game where both candidates stink and neither winning makes us feel good, or we could do something about it. We could start voting Third Party, we could vote for our principles, and we could watch the two party system crumble. The founding fathers never meant for us to have a two party system for this reason. The two parties would take control and therefore monopolize everything about the election in the future, giving us very little option. This year we have the two most disliked candidates ever. Trump is a disaster and Hillary is only winning because she looks better than Trump because he’s a disaster. But what if we threw down the gauntlet and said, “we don’t have to just pick R or D?” Gary Johnson is pretty close to Hillary’s policies only without the corruption and lies. Plus, as far as I know he’s never assaulted anyone nor is he married to anyone who has assaulted anyone. He’s a pothead and pro-choice, but he could appeal to some of Hillary’s base who aren’t pleased with her either. Then there’s Evan McMullin. He has already started appearing in a very close third place in Utah and Ohio. He’s a real choice for Evangelicals (the true ones) who can’t condone assault and who can’t vote for a woman who enjoys abortion and wants to strip religious liberties.

If the 80% of us who are disgusted this year would stop being disgusted and apathetic and vote for candidates not tainted by corruption and conspiracy, we could throw this election on its head, but many are still scared. They’re scared that Hillary will win or that Trump will win. I’m not going to lie, that’s still a likely possibility, but it will set in motion the idea that Independents can win, that the two parties don’t have to make all the rules.

Megyn Kelly said, “We do it right after we’ve tried everything else and it’s gone wrong.” We tried the two parties, we tried voting for an outsider. Now it’s time to do it right.


Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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