What Is Donald Trump?

By, Jason Taylor

We are watching the mental breakdown of a major party’s Presidential candidate. He seems to be in a total constant rage, as if his willingness to go to a scorched-earth campaign wouldn’t result in it coming back at him just as hard. How DARE the Clinton team respond as harshly as he does! When Trump was asked about these two women, Trump went insane with rage, screaming at the reporter that she was a horrible person. Meanwhile, Trump is describing the second debate as “I annihilated the enemy!” and he’s escalated from “I’m going to appoint a special prosecutor” to “I’m going to throw her in jail.”
Watch: As the days go by, Trump will get wilder and wilder, sounding more like Alex Jones, and worse. His rage is already uncontrollable and he’s lashing out at anyone and everyone who doesn’t WORSHIP him.
Hopefully, as his insanity becomes more and more undeniable, more and more Republicans who are holding their nose, won’t be able to vote for him as they realize we cannot have an out of control raging maniac as our President.

On Twitter Trump supporters are trying to undermine Ms. Leeds account because in the video she says that if he had kept his manhandling to her upper body she probably would have let it go, but when he reached up her skirt she jumped up and returned to her seat in coach. They seem not to have understood what she was saying about how little recourse women felt they had in response to that kind of behavior in those days. Typical for Trump to attack the character of the journalists reporting the story?—?isn’t that bizarre quality alone enough to disqualify him? Is he going to call every foreign leader or political opponent who criticizes him a horrible person? Is that his “winning temperament”?

There is no doubt that Trump is a predator. There is no doubt that more women will come forward to relate an offensive confrontation. And there is no doubt that Trump’s acolytes will continue to praise him. As bad as this situation is, and I do not mean to minimize what those women who have been subjected to, but to me there is something more frightening. The prurient nature of these revelations over shadows the more alarming aspect of Trump’s campaign to become president. The gutting of our democracy and the bedrock of the freedoms we enjoy: Investigating people who oppose him politically. Promising retribution for not supporting him. Suing newspapers. Supporting torture. Retaliation upon families of suspected terrorists. Setting a religious test for admission to this country. He is using our freedom of speech to steal from us our freedom of speech.

Many in the GOP have clearly been in a cesspool for a long time. Trump’s campaign has only revealed what many have willfully ignored and sadly, continue to ignore. However, this is a small percentage and we have always had them among us. Some of the saddest moments during this campaign season have been recognition that some of that small percentage were people I thought of as friends. This is not a mere difference of political opinion. It is far more deeply rooted in character and assumption of privilege.

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