Stop Attacking Women

By Melissa Dawes


We need to talk. All of us. It does not matter which party you belong to or what your political ideology might be. We ALL need to talk.

We need to have a candid discussion because there are a lot of of people like me who are frustrated, angry and disgusted over Donald Trump and his rocky history with women. I can’t figure out if I am more incredulous because of the numerous accounts of Trump’s behavior around women or if it is because he continues to get a pass from the very people who should be condemning his actions.

Every time a new account surfaces, the Trump campaign and surrogates follow the same process: Attack the woman, attack the reporter trying to tell the story, attack the news outlet for publishing the story, attack people on social media trying to share the story and attack Hillary Clinton because somehow it is always her fault.

Enough! At some point we have to examine the common denominator in all these accounts no matter when they happened. I don’t care if it was something which occurred last week, ten years ago or thirty years ago. We are about to elect someone to be the president of the United States and we have an obligation to learn all we can about this person. When you uncover a pattern of behavior which has not changed much between last week, ten years ago and 30 years ago, you as a voter have a right to be concerned.

It has been hard to keep my anger in check today. Degrading women has become somewhat of the norm from the Trump campaign. And just when I think there is enough to seal his fate, a parade of Trump surrogates make the media rounds and attempt to recast the story to fit their narrative.

It is insulting  to many of us that the campaign thinks the American public will buy their spin. Yes, Trump’s base will be fine with it. And they will take their cue from the surrogates and continue the same dangerous rhetoric until we are exhausted. No matter what they say, the facts do not change.

So let me make this as clear as possible: Donald Trump, you are not the victim. You are the abuser. You are signaling to the world that it is okay to attack women and face no consequences. There is a strong community of women and men who are parents, relatives, neighbors, friends, educators, leaders and advocates who are doing all they can to make the world safer for women. We are bringing awareness to workplace discrimination, fighting a rape culture on college campuses and trying to stop women from being objectified by the entertainment industry.

The last thing we need is a president who sees nothing wrong with assaulting women, grabbing their private parts and walking in on them in their dressing rooms. There is nothing presidential about a man who does all those things.

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