Hillary Clinton Should Be President, And Here’s Why.

By, Jason Taylor

There is only one candidate qualified, experienced and intelligent in this race. Hillary Clinton. I can only hope America understands that. And understands that the party of obstruction that elevated a madman as their candidate must be thrown out of power. Trump is the culmination of GOP bigotry. Clinton can move the US forward. Trump and the GOP can only plunge us into intellectual darkness and hate.

Hillary Clinton is courageous because as is said, courage is grace under pressure. That debate was painful to watch. She won that debate on every level hands down. There was the pre-debate spectacle of Trump’s press conference orchestrated by Trump and friends, Giulilani, Ailes, etc.. There was the seating of those women in the audience to “rattle” Clinton. There were multiple threats of jail and other intimidation which likely sounded like a smart move to those smarmy men (Giuliani was giddy). Showing no respect to a fellow candidate or her family was thought to be a wise move. This was done to “shore up” his base. I hope Trump is devastated by the turnout of his base on election day because I cannot believe that most of his ignorant base is registered or have ever voted.

I don’t think this was overstated in this most crucial election. And the only thing the republicans have fallen back on is the same thing that’s been their MO for decades: complete and total distortion.

For instance, for perspective on the Hillary Clinton email “scandal”? Try reading Newsweek’s excellent reporting from September?—?and a reminder, since it’s been all but scrubbed clean from our consciousness?—?that the Bush-Cheney administration “lost” 22 MILLION emails!! Many of which had to do with the invasion of Iraq, which is the actual genesis of so many of the problems that are happening in the Middle East today, including the Islamic State. Unlike Clinton, they refused to be a part of any investigations and ultimately, like so much of the other criminal and inexcusable behavior from those disastrous eight years, it simply went away.

The republicans can send out Donald Trump to heckle her, say she’s “filled with hate” and whatever nonsense comes to his empty head. But the behavior of republican governance makes Hillary look like an exemplary girl scout in comparison.

So call the idea of Trump apocalyptic. Call it a disaster. Catastrophic. We can call it a lot. But what it would be would take us to a place this country has never been and must never go. Trump is not a viable choice at all?—?but a danger. Unfit, unqualified and unbalanced, Trump is a menace. And a legitimate danger to our country. This needs to be said.

Whatever anyone might think of Hillary, no-one should deny that she has been incredibly strong and cool-headed during this horrible, inflammatory election campaign. While I never used to feel that Hillary represented me and my interests as a regular, ordinary woman, I now feel that she has done a very good job to protect and defend us all from this crude and cruel tyrant. So I think the best has come out of her, and she has proven her fitness for the presidency. As cautious as she has always been, I don’t think she said the word “apocalypse” lightly, and I believe that she is correct that the issues at play are a moral reckoning that we have to work through as a country. This previous Cruz supporter will be very happy to vote for Secretary Clinton on election day. Good luck and godspeed.

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