The Dangerous Double Standard

By Lorana Hoopes

I don’t believe it’s any secret that there exists a double standard between the Republicans and the Democrats. Things the Democrats can get away with, the Republicans never could. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because the Republicans have been the more “traditional value” party and the media and the left hate those values, maybe another reason. Whatever the reason, the disparity exists, and it was magnified this weekend with Trump’s lewd tapes.

Let me be clear first and foremost that I do not condone his remarks. I not only find them offensive, but I believe they will play into the “rape culture” and put more women at risk. Kelly Oxford started a movement where women are sharing their assault stories on Twitter and there have been 27 million and growing. This is definitely an issue, but here’s where I do have a problem. The left is crucifying him over these remarks, as they well should, but they did not do the same for Bill Clinton when his scandal broke. When it was found that he had used his power to force sexual favors from women, the left stood by him. When Republicans fought for his impeachment, the left fought it. And even when he was finally impeached, they continued to allow him to be President.

So why, liberals, is it so horrendous when the words leave Donald Trump’s mouth, but not when the actions are done by Bill Clinton?

On another note, let’s look at Hillary because she is the one running and not her husband. Now, I don’t blame her for Bill’s affairs, but I do blame her for laughing about the rape of a twelve-year old girl and saying the girl deserved it. If Donald Trump’s words from ten years ago will fuel the “rape culture” then why won’t a woman laughing about an actual rape of a child? Do you see the problem here?

“Conservative” pundits are claiming this is our problem; we divide when scandals hit instead of continuing to support the candidate in the name of winning. This had been a reason I was a Republican over a Democrat. I think morality and decency matters, and winning at all costs loses your soul.

Across Twitter, the Republican party is even more divided. Some are calling for Trump to be dropped, and others are standing firm in their support, but the party is taking a beating. I think the reason is because the Republicans have long touted their more conservative values. It’s not because they’ve done anything more heinous, but when you set a moral standard and then fall from it, the effects are much more evident. Remember on The View when one of the women said she hoped Ted Cruz’s affairs proved to be true because he was religious, so therefore it would be awesome to see him fall? I fear this is where we are again.

I believe Hillary Clinton is just as morally corrupt as Donald Trump, but because the Democrats are already a “less traditional value” party, their morality isn’t scrutinized as much. Sadly, this leaves the Republican party between a rock and a hard place. Do they continue to support Donald Trump and kill the values they said they stood by or do they abandon him knowing it ensures a Clinton victory? Either way, I worry for the morality of our country, and I fear it’s only going to get worse.


Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance. Her books are available at Amazon.


  1. I wouldn’t wish what Ms. Shelton went through — either the rape or the trial — on anyone. But nothing in the link you cited suggests that Secretary Clinton laughed at Ms. Shelton. Instead, she laughed at reliability of polygraphs. Furthermore, there’s nothing in the link that suggested Clinton ever said anything remotely like “she deserved it.”

    And she did not get her client off on a technicality. The client pled guilty to a charge carrying a sentence of 5 years, and the judge suspended 4 years of that sentence, and allowed credit for time served. And the plea deal was sought by the victim and her mother, according to

    I believe you are misinformed about the facts of this case.

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