Save The Senate… and The House While You’re At it.

By, James Hamilton

While the most ardent supporters found plenty of reasons to downplay the importance of recent events as they relate to the future of the Trump campaign. Many of them rationalizing his behaviors as just “locker-room talk” and offering it up as an example of the behavior of the typical American male.

We conservatives no longer have the luxury of engaging in such delusional flights of fantasy.

It is true that Trump’s re-exploitation of the women involved in Bill Clinton’s sex scandals combined with the unapologetic tact with which he performed during the second debate. Have served to re-energize his loyal base. However maintaining his base is not going to get him anywhere near 270 electoral votes, the number he needs to make good on that promise to “Arrest Hillary Clinton”.

His base is contracting rather than expanding as rapidly as his support among those in Congress willing to put their careers on the line for passage aboard a rapidly sinking ship.

Trump and his surrogates make no secret of the fact that the only thing that matters is Donald Trump. They’ve stated gleefully that the down ballot will suffer consequences if they don’t fall in line. Examples of which include Rudy Giuliani’s recent remarks about going to war against those Republicans who un-endorse Trump or Katrina Pierson’s recent tweet, “I can’t keep my phone charged due to the massive volume of texts from people all over the country who will #VoteTrump but Down ballot not so much.” Well Katrina sorry to dampen the celebration but you might actually consider the fact that to effectively govern one might actually need the House & Senate. Unless of course he’s planning to govern as a Democrat. One more thing Katrina, perhaps giving your cell number out to the whole country isn’t the brightest idea.

There’s a phrase common to most presidential seasons that’s been noticeably absent this year, that phrase is “Coattails”. Where aligning oneself with the Presidential candidate will help carry the down ballot folks in their prospective races.

The Trump campaign has no coattails when it comes to Republican candidates, because a significant percentage of Trump supporters are crossovers from the Democratic party. The fact that 12 million non-republican voters voted in open primary states is an indication of just how large that crossover could be. 12 million voters could represent 80% of the total votes Donald Trump received in the primary. Despite cries for change, chances are the Democrat crossover will likely be voting for the same names they voted for year after year. Senators & Congressman don’t really have fun rallies. So who spends much time remembering their records or examining alternatives?

Consequentially the Republican down ballot finds themselves in real peril this season for reasons other than the fact that few deserve to be re-elected in the first place. Those who had made the calculated decision to attach themselves to Donald Trump in doing so can no longer claim to uphold conservative values, as the Trump campaign has made it clear that conservatism is an antiquated concept and populism now rules the day. While this move may gain them favor with the Republican voters who do support Trump, it’s sure to alienate a great percentage of that 60%of voters who would have chosen any other candidate in the primary.

As a Conservative it’s with a heavy heart that I say it’s my belief that Hillary Clinton will be the next President. I truly believe it could’ve been avoided had we offered up one of several other candidates during the primary. However I also believe that the one thing that will bring true salvation to the Conservative movement in this country and perhaps by extension the Republican party. Is the defeat of Donald Trump! In order to effect that salvation we must send the message once and for all that character does indeed matter and we will no longer tolerate a party where the principles of conservatism are simply paid lip service in order to placate the constituents. We need to rebuild the R.N.C from the ground up and demand accountability from our representatives all year long not just during elections.

The R.N.C should focus resources on the House & Senate so that in the event of a Clinton victory she is not in an unrestrained position of power. This is not an unprecedented move. It was done in 1996 when it became evident that Bob Dole would not be able to secure victory. Haley Barbour, then head of the R.N.C was able to make the tough call and look ahead for the good of the party and the county. Haley did the right thing. Reince Priebus would do well to follow Haley’s example in this situation.

Paul Ryan who has stated that he can “no longer defend Donald Trump”. Has also stated that he continues to endorse and will vote for a man he can “no longer defend”. Think about that for a minute. He did tell House Republicans to do “What’s best for themselves”. Now the only reason I can imagine Mr Ryan would feel the need to make that statement to a gathering of politicians is perhaps he was practicing for an audition as the new Captain Obvious. Paul’s attempt to distance himself from the situation is a prime example of too little too late. He never should have endorsed to begin with and half step measures won’t regain even a shred of dignity.

Those in House and Senate races need to take a good hard look at the numbers and determine just who makes up the Trump base. Realizing that it’ll yield an insufficient number of voters motivated to ensure the votes they need to obtain re-election. They must make an appeal to the Conservative base that Hillary cannot be allowed to govern unchecked. Understanding that their diminished credibility will create an obstacle, but the threat of a Democratic clean sweep provides suitable motivation for voters to cast a reluctant vote in their favor.

Then we all need to observe the cardinal rule of a sinking ship. Women and children first! Donald is losing with women, he can’t get their votes, he’s had problems with his treatment of women from day one! Speaking of which, somebody sure owes Megyn Kelly an apology (several actually). She took a lot of heat for a question that turned out to be quite prophetic. There’s the horrid treatment she received from Donald and his thugs as well both publicly and threats made in private. She only asked a question and look at the treatment she received. Megyn has a nationally televised show, imagine if she were just a girl who worked waiting tables at a golf club and upset Donald.

You see we’re supposed to provide lifeboats for the women in this society those with no voice, those who can’t speak out. In distancing ourselves from Donald Trump we’re doing just that. Make no mistake Donald’s behaviors and the things he says aren’t suitable for children either. Neither is the way in which he handles his mistakes. Do we really want to raise our children to be a nation of belligerent, unrepentant adults?

Someone said the other day that while Jack perched atop the bow of the Titanic yelled “King of the World!” He ended up drowning by a piano. Right now the Trump campaign is yelling “King of the World” while the violins play on the deck. Those entranced by the music will find themselves going down with the ship. Those in the lifeboats must put distance between themselves and the behemoth as the Trumptanic will bring you down with it. The rest of us who chose not to book passage on your failed voyage have hopes of your safe return. So man the lifeboats and guide your way home by the light of “That Shining City Upon a Hill”.


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