Paul Ryan Says The GOP Is Toast…. Image that.

By, Jason Taylor

So, now Paul Ryan backs away.

Trump calling Mexicans “rapists” didn’t do it. Trump denigrating women, and calling them “fat pigs” didn’t do it. Trump marginalizing the African American community didn’t do it. Trump making fun of the disabled didn’t do it. Trump kissing up to Vladimir Putin didn’t do it. Trump shafting the American people with his tax games didn’t do it. Trump pushing his supporters for a “Second Amendment” solution to his political opponent- even then- Paul Ryan stood with Trump.

The cowardice of the GOP is on full display. The party knows knows that Donald Trump is an unelectable bigot whose only accomplishment in this election cycle is galvanizing the hatred disaffected Americans feel towards modern society.

Yet, instead of issuing an unwavering rebuke of Mr. Trump, Mr. Ryan continues to issue half-denunciations and backpedal when the party’s red meat dares to criticize him for it.

It is beyond words how to describe the cluelessness of the Republican party’s awareness of their behavior over the past 8 years. A government shutdown, a do-nothing congress, dereliction of duty with the Supreme Court, deliberate sabotage of any presidential success whatsoever, party before country on all matters, attempts to repress woman’s rights, LGBT rights, voter rights, tax breaks for the wealthy, the list goes on and on….and they think that Trump is the reason their majorities in congress are in jeopardy.

The downward spiral began in the early 1980s when the GOP chose to align itself with the Elmer Gantrys of that period?—?the so-called moral majority. These outrageous hypocrites spewed hatred and fear, and worst of all, poor theology. They preached a christianism vision that could not be further removed from the gospels. I say shame on the Catholic church and other mainstream Christian denominations for not calling out these right wing evangelicals for the theological hot air they were blowing.

If I hear one more evangelical defend Donald Trump I will shoot myself.

Ryan’s own district rejected Trump in the primaries. is it any wonder he is backing off from Trump? The only way for the GOP to save itself is to motivate its base to turn out even if they hate Trump. This is a hard, hard sell with Republican voters. Paul Ryan is the type of guy that stands outside a burning house and dithers: should I put on the hose? Get the ladder truck? Run into the house to save the people? Call for help? Can I make any money if the house burns to the ground? Maybe I can be a hero if I save someone? And meanwhile, the flames burn and burn and burn…

The Republican Party has become the party of Trump. And until the Republican leadership of Speaker Ryan, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, etc. denounce Mr. Trump, instead of endorsing and complaining about him at the same time to have it both ways, the Republican Party trajectory will continue down the hole. Trying to win at all cost does have a cost and trying to ignore him won’t stop the bill from coming due.

It’s unimaginable to truly believe having Mr. Trump move the presidential race into the gutter during the second debate places the Republican Party in a better light. Tourniquets are the last resort for a reason. Gutless? Spineless? Yes, and the Republican leadership is being rolled by Mr. Trump for all to see. Sadly, no matter what they do at this distant point in time will make a difference, with Millennials seeing a permanent stain (as with Pres. Nixon before that and Sen. McCarthy before him). Time to look to “rebuilding years” with a new cast… this one’s done.

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