Hope and Optimism

By, Lorana Hoopes

I’ve had a few people ask me why I still continue to write pieces in support of Evan McMullin or in hopes of Dumping Trump, when Hillary is going to win. I had to think about that for a time. I’m not an idiot. I know that?—?barring some crazy act of God?—?Hillary is going to win this election, but unlike my friends, I can’t just accept that. See to me, acceptance is depression. And depression leads to apathy. And apathy is the worst thing we could have right now.

The Republican party is dead. I make no bones about it. When they caved to the populist movement of Trump, they drew a line in the sand?—?a point of no return. These populists voting Trump are angry, and I get it. I’m angry too, but I wished they had picked a better candidate for their revolution. I understand the movement, just not the method. Congressmen for far too long have forgotten what they promised the people when they stepped foot in Washington, and they’ve been making deals with the devil, with Obama, and with special interests. It was one reason I really respected Cruz, until recently. He seemed not to care about the government elite. He seemed to really want to do what’s right for the people, at least until a month ago. Just tonight I read a threat from one of these populist Trumpers to Reince Preibus declaring that they are going to start a movement to oust all the senators who don’t support Trump on their next election. These people don’t care if we lose the House and the Senate; they seem to not understand how dangerous that really is. Not to mention, Trump, meaning to or not, has promoted a thread of violence and immorality, and these people are accepting it, embracing it, promoting it. Win or lose, Trump has changed the country for the negative if you believe in decency and morality.

A few friends have told me Hillary isn’t that bad, that we can survive the next four years, but I’m not so sure. Physically, sure we might, but when it comes to rights?—?that’s where it gets tricky. See, Obama was bad enough. Under Obama traditional marriage was attacked, and transgenderism was promoted. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if people are transgendered, and I want my children to be understanding of everyone’s differences, but under Obama, schools are now teaching children it’s okay to choose their own gender. Here’s where I have a problem. Just like you don’t want my religion taught to your kid in school, I don’t want your liberal agenda taught to my kid. Like religion, that has no place in schools. Hillary is also very liberal when it comes to abortion. It’s already a tragedy that Planned Parenthood is involved in our school, supplying pamphlets and pills?—?at such a low dosage that girls are sure to get pregnant?—?and telling them their parents wouldn’t understand. Read some of Abby Johnson’s story if you don’t believe me; they actually have goals for how many girls they want to get in the doors. Again, this doesn’t belong in schools, and I fear under Hillary that this will only get worse. I don’t believe Roe v Wade will ever get repealed, that ship has sailed, but I do believe that she can do real damage to the restrictions we have been able to place on abortions: the waiting times, the ultrasounds, the pamphlets detailing risks. Not to mention, Hillary has flat out stated that Christians need to change their views to catch up with the times.

Here is what I think is most dangerous. We are already seeing false preachers by the dozen coming forward, using Bible verses to support abortion or other liberal agendas. We are trying to force Christian organizations to do things against their religion. Christianity is under attack, and Clinton will further that. If we lose the House and Senate, which sadly is looking like a real possibility, as well as lose the presidency, a foregone conclusion, then Hillary will be able to attack these religious values and freedoms in a way that Obama never could. Obama was held in check only by the Republican majority and the few vocal minority who managed to stop what they could. If we lose the House and Senate, it will be doomsday for Christian businesses. It will be open liberal agenda pushed in all schools on our children. Common Core will stay, as will Obamacare. It is for all these reasons that I cannot in good conscience vote for Hillary.

Which brings me back to my question. If I know Hillary is going to win, if I accept that the Republican party is dead, why do I continue to write with hope? Why do I maybe pass on “false hope” as some have suggested? For this simple reason. Hope is all we have. If we, the moderates, the conservatives, the Christians, the morally decent people of America lose hope, then why would we bother to vote? If it feels inevitable that there is no winning this year, why bother to turn out at all? I write with hope so that maybe some of you will continue to have hope and will vote down ballot. It will take all of us voting for conservatives or moderate Republicans who will stand their ground down ballot to retain control of the House and Senate. It will take all of us voting against whatever plan these Trump populists have for the future to defeat them. They are a force to be reckoned with, and if we turn our backs or give up, the fight will be lost. We will lose our freedoms, we will lose our rights, and we will end up with a dictator running this country.

So I choose Hope and Optimism and long shots because they may be all we have.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance. Her books are available at Amazon.

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