We Need a Reset and It Can Be Done

By, Lorana Hoopes

If you’re like me, you’ve been sitting through this election shaking your head. How did we fall this low? We had sixteen decent candidates, and we ended up with the reality TV star who loves to be bankrupt, go into debt, talk vulgar, and assault women. Worst part is: There’s more to come. There’s already been hints on racial slurs from Trump, there’s a pending rape case, and of course 3500 other lawsuits. This man was elected through open primaries, which we need to fix before next year, but many are thinking we are stuck with him this year, and it just isn’t so.

Trump is going to lose. There’s no question about that. Even people who hate Hillary are planning to vote for her because they are afraid of what Trump will do. He is unstable, unhinged, and he should not have control of nuclear weapons. What’s worse is that Trump is going to lose on such a large scale that it will damage the Republican party for years to come. We will most likely lose the House and Senate, either from disgust or from voters staying home, and if that happens?—?hold on to your guns because it will ne a nightmare.

There is good news though, but it has to start now. This morning I opened my email from FreeTheDelegates and saw a video that said Trump could be removed in five days. I just finished watching that video. I’ll add the link so you can watch and share, but let me summarize for you.

Reince Preibus needs to call a meeting of the RNC delegates with five days’ notice. If he doesn’t, then ten percent of the states or about 16 of them need to call a meeting, but the timeline gets really close that way?—?still doable though. At this meeting, Rule 9 will be discussed. This is the one that states in death, declination, or “other” that a vacancy can be filled. Now most media are saying that Trump would have to die or step down, but not so says this lawyer because of Rule 7. This “other” in Rule 9 is vague, and Rule 7 allows each society to declare what the “vague” means. Therefore, the RNC delegates can decide the “other” applies to a candidate woefully unfit to lead the country.

So Reince (if he has any hope of a win) or sixteen states call an RNC meeting. Just over half the delegates need to show up or vote by proxy, so 85 members need to show. As the agenda is set, someone needs to move to replace Trump as the Presidential nominee. Preibus can then either rule yes or no or he can submit to the body for a vote (allows him to save face). It only takes 50% plus 1 of all members to pass, therefore if 85 members show only 1 has to vote yes and the others can abstain, and the agenda would pass.

Okay, but what about the ballots you say? This wasn’t addressed as clearly in the video because I think they will still lose some votes from people who don’t know Trump has been replaced, but basically nothing happens. The people still vote Trump/Pence knowing that he has been replaced. The electors then meet on December 19th and agree to support the party’s nominee. That nominee just no longer happens to be Trump. This worked in 1912 when the Vice President nominee died days before the election.

The best part of this is losing Trump, but along with that, all the fodder the Democrats have been storing up for months against Trump goes away. They wouldn’t have time to find much on whoever the RNC replaces Trump with, and honestly just about anyone would be better and have less baggage. We know from Wikileaks that Hillary wanted Trump to win?—?probably because she knew he was the only one she could beat?—?so they are bound to have even worse information on him coming in.

What can you do? This all hinges on Senators and House members pressuring the RNC members to call a meeting or Reince to do so. Now I know after the debate last night that many are singing his praises again, but the truth is that the debate changed nothing. He is not a changed man, there is worse coming, and without a new nominee the Republican party will be crushed beyond repair.

If there’s even a glimmer of stopping both Trump and Clinton?—?neither of whom are fit to lead?—?don’t we owe it to ourselves to try? So, start calling your senators and your representatives. Start with the almost 40 who backed away from Trump over the weekend. Watch the video, share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter.

The founders created the electoral college for an event such as this. It’s like they knew we would mess up horribly one day and need a reset button. Let’s not waste the opportunity. https://www.facebook.com/freethedelegates/videos/877494459017127

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance. Her books are available at Amazon.

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