Truth Trump and Consequences

By, David Oslin

Well folks there went the dynamite. Whoever decided to release that tape either underestimated the impact or could not believe it would have been this explosive. What was supposed to be a shot across the bow to cover Clinton has Rightly turned into a mess defines Never Trump to its core.

We knew things like this were out there. We warned time and time again. We did everything over and under the sun to try to figure out some way to avoid this very disaster. And now? There isn’t one.

If the GOP is not willing to take Trump Down itself. This will destroy the GOP and give Hillary what Obama could not have most of his presidency. Sixty plus In the Senate. Three hundred in the House. Because people believed that we were making things up, That we were salty and trying to protect our own guy.

Because no one listened to us, this now is on many of you. In the words of Trump’s Press Secretary. YOU OWN THIS. Every Second. Every bit of it. Every moment that man is still the Nominee you OWN IT. And you own the down ticket consequences! Remember some of the 2012 senate nonsense? That affected every ballot in the country and that was a SENATORIAL CANDIDATE’S words.

The numbers will not be fixed in a day they will not be fixed in a month. The damage done will be felt for the full first term. If Donald Trump does not resign in tomorrow night’s debate. Hillary Clinton will only need to make ONE opening statement drop the microphone and walk right out. And THAT sound of the microphone hitting the ground. Will be the final nail in the Coffin of this country.

In the wake of this some of the GOP is not waiting on leadership to make a decision and is acting on their own. Which while a welcome change of pace does not change the fact that Party leadership has not formally denounced Trump and used the mechanisms within their party to declare him mentally unfit. Please make no mistake if you think you can win the White House at this point with anyone you’re on some good booze. But the Under-ticket can be salvaged.

This comment is potentially the first of many that will be unloaded on Trump as election day closes in. And the more of these you see the worse this becomes. At this point. The only thought on anyone’s mind should be rescuing the under ticket. Even if none of them deserve it.

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