Frankenstein’s Monster

By, Jamie W.

Many people think they know the story of Frankenstein. They actually only know the highlights. They are cliff notes readers. If you’ve ever read the actual story of Frankenstein, then the parallels to this election cycle become apparent.

People think the reanimated creature in the story was the monster, and in many ways, he was a monster, but the real monster was Dr. Frankenstein himself. The monster was pieced together from portions of cadavers and reanimated through mad science into a new species, a new creation. After a long progression of awe, fascination, and ultimately repulsion and fear, the monster killed Dr. Frankenstein and burned the entire laboratory to the ground, killing himself in the consuming fire.

This brings us to the state of the GOP today. The Republican Party created the monster that is trump through piecing together any lie, falsehood, fear-mongering, racist baiting angle they could dig out of the cold ground of the political graveyard. Pieces of decaying old ideas that were better off left buried. From these pieces of rotten debris, they helped to create Trumpism. They electrified it, enlivened it, and unleashed it upon not only a susceptible village of uneducated people, but as it turns out, against themselves.

Make no mistake. The GOP created the monster that is now destroying their party. They therefore bear the responsibility for their party’s destruction. From Reince Preibus to Rudy Giuliani, to Marco Rubio, to Ted Cruz, they all played their part in getting their feet muddy in digging up rotten corpses for assemblage into the monster that is Trump the candidate. Trump the person was always rotten, decayed, and full of stench and repulsiveness, but the republicans gave him political life. The GOP created this monster, and now he will destroy them and himself as well in the consuming fire as he burns down the Grand Old Party. Someone get the marshmallows. The bonfire is roaring.

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