You Knew I Was A Snake

By, Susan Kuebler

After the fiasco of yesterday’s release of Donald Trump’s incredibly vile comments on women, the cry is echoing within the Republican Party for Trump to quit, step aside, whatever. Several major party members have withdrawn their endorsements. Talk percolates through social media about Pence becoming the nominee. Everyone from Paul Ryan to Reince Preibus is scrambling to save their political butts.

Not so fast busters. You knew about Trump’s history with women when you gave him the nomination. From Megyn Kelly’s first question at the first debate. You knew, but you turned a blind eye. You knew about Trump’s racist feelings towards Mexicans and all people of color. He told you on the first day of his campaign. Then he doubled down with his derogatory remarks about Judge Curiel not being “fair” to him because Curiel was Mexican. Which he wasn’t. But all of you, even while calling his remarks racist, did nothing.

Why did you sit idly by when he encouraged violence at his rallies (Kill the Bitch)? When he banned media outlets from his campaign during the primaries? Where was your outcry, your righteous indignation, when Trump slandered POWs, our military, veterans, and a Gold Star family? Nowhere. And why was that? Because you thought he could win. You thought he would bring you the White House and a Supreme Court justice. So you said NOTHING.

Now, with just over a month until the Election, a disastrous performance in his first debate with Hillary, with his numbers are shrinking across the country, you finally discovered your moral outrage? Give me a break. But don’t give one to Trump. Don’t allow him to slink away, relatively unscathed, with the argument that he COULD have won if they had let him. The only way to prevent another candidate like Trump is for him to be resoundingly defeated at the polls.

Trump loves to quote the song “The Snake” at his rallies. He told you time and time again, “You knew I was a snake when you took me in.” GOP you chose the snake. You can’t complain when he bites you.

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