The Point of No Return

By, Paul Green

No matter what issues have come up in Trump’s campaign, Mr. Trump and his surrogates have successfully bobbed and weaved through every onslaught. Whether it be charges of racism, xenophobia, shady business dealings, tax returns, the list goes on, but Trump has remained in the race, and his party has stood with him.

The GOP establishment and elected officials have unified, whether through coercion or a sense of desperation, behind their nominee for President, Donald Trump. They avoided a contested convention, a messy floor fight, and have gotten most of Trump’s primary opponents to give him their blessing.

Some GOP elected officials have given tepid, lukewarm endorsements. Many have been visibly skeptical of their nominee and his fitness for office. This message is for them.

The latest story to come out concerning Donald Trump and his comments about women are not an outlier. They are not an aberration. This is who the man is.

The time is now to withdraw your support of the Trump candidacy. While it should have been stopped long ago, and you didn’t act, you’ve been thrown a lifeline. These sexist, vulgar, outlandish comments are a last hope for you. This is your final chance to avoid the disaster.

Perhaps some officials are worried about retribution from party leaders. Some are concerned that the big money donors will cut off their contributions. These are understandable concerns, but there is something more valuable at stake.

Of course, you want your party to control the White House. There is tremendous power in the office of President, and one that would surely benefit your party. However, in your heart, you know he can’t win. His unfavorable numbers with women were terrible before these comments emerged. Do you think this is going to help him in the polls?

Is this the man you want to be linked to for the rest of your political lives? Do you really want to try and defend a man saying he can grab women “by the pussy” because he’s a star? Can you look your children and grandchildren in the eye and justify that?

The true believers in Trump won’t care. They’ll talk about Bill Clinton, and their utopian view of a Trump Supreme Court. The people who came on board reluctantly, there’s a reason you were reluctant. Will you take a stand? Will you disavow the man and his views? The point of no return has arrived.

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