In It To Win It . . . For Hillary

By, Lorana Hoopes

When Trump first came on the scene, there was wild speculation that he was entering the race in order to help Hillary Clinton win. He denied it, and his supporters vastly disavowed it, but the Never Trumpers continued to wonder. After the latest tape release, his lackluster apology, and his statement this morning that he has no plans to drop out, I am completely convinced this was his strategy all along.

Let’s look at the evidence.

Trump has said vile things about women since this began, but the worst he’s called Hillary is a Liar. He even called his best buddy Ben Carson worse when he insinuated he was a child molester. He insulted Ted Cruz’s wife more than Hillary, Carly Fiorina more than Hillary, and Susanna Martinez more than Hillary. Heck, he’s even insulted Rosie O’Donnell more than Hillary. Why would that be? Once he secured the nomination, his goal should have been to shine a light on all of Hillary’s many faults, but he hasn’t. Instead he’s spent his time talking about Bill, who isn’t even running and who is not much worse than himself.

The NeverTrump movement warned there were these kind of tapes out there. Trump could have said, “Yes, I said some terrible stuff in my past, but I’m a new man.” Of course, he would have then needed to have backed it up with actions, which he can’t do because he’s not a new man, but he didn’t. His supposed love of country should have compelled him to be as clean as possible about his tawdry past, get it all out in the open early so it would be forgotten, but he didn’t. Even now with supporters and donors jumping ship, Trump refuses to step down. There is no love of country there. Someone with true love of country would realize his past is too destructive, even if he has changed, but Trump is not doing that. He is continuing to pilot his sinking ship. Honestly, he’s probably been sitting around wondering why his numbers haven’t tanked sooner. I read that the “leaked tax returns” even came from Trump Tower. Trump has never been in this for us or even for himself. He has been in this for Hillary.

Now, with even more people jumping Trump’s ship and turning to Hillary, he is finally going to accomplish his initial goal in the first place. To all the people considering Hillary just to stop Trump, I urge you to look at all the facts. If this is true, Hillary has been planning this for a decade. What does that say about a person who knows she’s so despicable that she has to destroy the opposition and the good reputation of our nation just to get into office?

Trump is incredibly unfit to be president, but Hillary comes with her own problems, and we better not turn a completely blind eye. Hillary is not for religious tolerance unless it’s for Islam, so if you are a Christian considering her, you better be okay with giving up even more rights and accepting even more liberal agenda that goes against God’s will. She is the most pro-abortion candidate ever, and if Republicans lose the house and senate, which is more likely after Trump’s debacle, then she will be able to appoint very liberal instead of moderate judges. Hillary also has ties to Putin and scandals that have put our government in harm’s way.

The truth is that neither of these candidates are fit for office. In the future, we need to vet our candidates better, but for now we need to worry about the next four years. Voting for either of these people will have dire consequences. We need to look at the third party candidates. This year there is a real shot for them to win or at least throw it to the house.

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