Donald Trump’s “Bitch Moves”

By, James Hamilton

We’ve all seen or heard the tape by now. Most networks have figured out a way to play it at least once without “bleeping” out the obscenities. Once again we’ve had a glimpse of the real Donald Trump not that we’re surprised by much at this point. His interactions with women should come as no shock there have been many stories and some told by Donald himself as he bragged of his exploits on the radio. Others told by women mistreated then targeted for retaliation for daring to speak out about it.

One part I found particularly interesting was a little phrase Donald uttered during the tape. “I moved on her like a bitch.” Donald has built his life around a series of “Bitch moves” for those unfamiliar, the urban dictionary defines a bitch move as: A move, tactic, or strategy that is used by cowards and punks. or When one partakes in a stupid and/or spiteful occurrence that could classify them as a bitch.

Donald for all his money tries really hard to make the other guys think he’s cool, He has no game of his own so he has to rely on power and influence with women but he’s sorely out of his element in the company of men who don’t work for him, so he pulls these “Bitch Moves” like bragging about how he gets over on women. The problem in most scenarios is that generally real men wouldn’t spend much time in the company of Donald so he ends up on a bus with a bunch of sycophantic punks who play right along with him.

I’m no stranger to construction sites, I’ve served my time in the military and worked as a bouncer in some of the roughest bars you can imagine. You’d be hard pressed to make me blush but there’s one thing I know. Real men know how to treat woman and it sure as hell isn’t how Donald Trump brags about treating them. Well actually there’s one more thing, real men don’t sit around laughing while some orange faced bitch like Donald Trump brags about doing it either.

Now I’ve seen plenty female Trump supporters out there coming to Donald’s defense claiming “That’s just guy talk” Ladies if your guy thinks that little of you so as to be that disrespectful in your presence you need to find yourself a new guy. If you think so little of yourself that you expect no more from him, well then I guess you’re made for each other. but as for the rest of us We’ll treat our women with the respect they deserve. Donald Trump can take his bitch moves back to New York where they belong.

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