Bill Clinton Is Not Running For President.

By, Jason Taylor

An apology is an appropriate response to words or behavior that offend. But celebrating sexual assault is far more than offensive. And those who do not explicitly condemn Trump by demanding that he terminate his candidacy are condoning his behavior. Moreover, any Republican who continues to support Trump should be earmarked for defeat during the next election cycle. No amount of potential Supreme Court nominations could compel me into voting a would-be rapist into the White House. If he floated a viable peace plan for the Middle East, would we elect Bill Cosby?

No matter how many times he apologizes, his words have no bearing on who his actions and statements have proven him to be. Trump has more than revealed his true character, and he has to go.

So despite a lifetime of this behavior, he’s a “changed man” since he started traveling the country in the past year as a presidential candidate . Then he immediately turns this minute and a half “apology” into an attack on Clinton, which takes the focus away from him at the end. This apology totally ignores the bad behavior/words he has demonstrated throughout his campaign , even up to recently. Suddenly he’s a “changed man”. There’s an old saying. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” He has shown over and over and over and over who he is, Except he was not in a locker room. They were in a work environment, in work transport, going from one workplace to another, the set, greeted by an employee, to make a cameo performance on a show; the crew was working, the host was working.

October surprise. Surprise? What’s new about this? This IS the person Donald Trump. Now it’s available on video. “Locker room banter”? At 59 years old? Yesterday was all about the outrage over the video. Now we’ll hear from the “I will vote for Trump but cannot endorse him” candidates. Today will bring the backtrack comments. And, remember, this is the “family values party”. I’m hopeful there will be continued outrage over the video apology (which wasn’t an apology). He can’t even produce a qualified apology; he blames others to excuse his own behavior. No one else is responsible for the words that came/come out of his mouth.

Four weeks from our presidential election and now this. Donald Trump and his sideshow have done much damage in 15 months. Thanks, especially, to the House and Senate leadership for not speaking up months ago, the Republicans have an utterly unqualified nominee. The Republicans got what they bargained for, and its name is Trump.

Trump will say he was joking (after all, listen to Billy Bush laugh!). Pence will say he never said it. Kellyanne will say it was out of context and just another case of political correctness run amok. Paul Ryan will say he hasn’t heard the tape yet and will withhold judgment. Christie and Giuliani will say it was a long time ago and everybody talked like that. Ailes will tell him to say he doesn’t act that way any more. Priebus will get out his electoral college abacus and do some more down-ticket deals and hold his breath for 4 years. Tim and Hillary will be outraged. Bill will not say all.

Character is how one behaves when no one is looking. It is easy to blame Trump, but in his defense, he has not hidden his lack of character or qualifications from the public. We can blame his supporters, blame Republican leaders who fail to stand for the principles of their party, or, of course, blame the media. But at some point in time, we need to accept responsibility ourselves. What sort of society and culture allows a man like Trump to gain such prominence. Is this the result of polarization and name calling on the left as well as the right. We all have an obligation to engage in dialogue regularly with those whose views differ from our own. A civil society does not permit such behavior in its leaders.

Does anyone seriously think Republicans care about these things? They’ve nominated a thrice-married serial bankrupt who spent five years ranting that Barack Obama was born in Africa. They will vote for anyone who promises to promote trickle-down economics. That’s all they really care about.

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