Trump Overlooked

By, David Oslin

I was recently asked by someone on the street why I was not for Donald Trump. It seemed a curious question. I could give you all the boiler plate answers. ‘I was a Ted Cruz Fan’ ‘I hate what the GOP did’ ‘he’s against the constitution’ And everyone of them would be true. But there are a couple of other reasons including one NO ONE has brought up. Even The Democrats.

See we all know he supported HRC’s Senate campaign. A bit of research shows he is one of the major reasons Eminent Domain is a YUUUGE problem. Those two alone would disqualify just about anyone to me. But lets dig deeper. Lets go back to 2007 as the apprentice was one of the biggest shows on TV. And I’m not going to focus on that. I’m going to focus on something else he was doing. Working with another Con-Man. Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Wife to Linda who failed twice to win as a GOP candidate.

I wont bore any of you with the details the WWE has them for public download at this point but I feel this needs to be brought up because no one else has said it. See what happened over these weeks was an idiotic display back and forth that perpetuated an ongoing soap opera of a Con. Nothing ever changes in Professional Wrestling. Honest Competition? There’s a reason it became ‘Sports Entertainment’ Mr. McMahon is in a ten thousand dollar suit instead of Orange because of One Man who recently successfully sued Gawker out of business.

See Donald Trump is in the business of perpetuating frauds and making them last as long as possible. That’s how a Con-Man works. His Fraudulent Airline, Steaks, Casinos, and various other failed business ventures were have been glossed over by faux Conservatives like Hannity and CNN types because he was by far Clinton’s easiest opponent.

One such Fraud, was when he supposedly and infamously bought ‘Monday Night Raw’ and created a situation where the WWE Chairman was ‘forced’ to buy it back at double the price.

See if I wanted a Fraud for President i’d vote in the CEO of Enron. Not someone who helped Desensitize America to incredible violence. Or maybe i’d vote in the original Fraudster of Television. Vince McMahon. See. Its not simply being against Trump because of what he did on the campaign trail. That’s Heinous enough on its own. To understand WHY we are so ardently opposed? You have to understand that at every moment of his life, he’s LIED. The man can not tell the truth to save his life. Even now on the trail. It’s all an Act. There is no ‘Real Trump’ there never has been. Never will be. This man has lived a reality show his entire life; and people expect me to support THAT for the presidency…

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