The Internet Hangover

By, Greg Hornsby

There sure are an ample number of media outlets these days isn’t there? Technology has come a long way. The internet gives all of us a platform to speak our minds about any and every topic under the sun. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing is it? Probably not when it’s used with some amount of ethics. I got especially disturbed today while I was scrolling through my homepage and came across a post of a video from a fairly large news network of a couple of people who had just overdosed. Indeed, I did get the warning that the video contained graphic content. No worries, I can stomach just about anything. So, I clicked play.

This video was about eight and a half minutes of two people completely incapacitated on a public sidewalk. During the few minutes that I could bear to watch, it was the man bent over backwards over a bench, motionless; the female on the sidewalk on her knees with her head to the ground as several onlookers-all with cell phones in hand-videotaped the action. It is probably the first time my stomach has actually turned at the sight of something (except my kids’ vomit. Can do it).

It feels like we’ve progressed to the point where only the most tasteless and vile content gets people’s attention. Ugh, my head still hurts. I guess I’ll have to block my homepage on my computer out of fear that my 11-year-old might be subjected to a video of two people experiencing a heroin overdose. It’s a scary thought to wonder what my kids might accidentally come across on the internet. To be fair, the report that followed did site that 911 had been called, which gives me some inkling of hope in humanity. But this was too much. There is plenty of other news to go around. The internet is one of the most powerful tools ever created and can be used to do a lot of good in the world. I just hate seeing the garbage sometimes. Oh, and one more thing. I’m only 36, but could someone tell me how to block a website to where my 11-year-old can’t hack his way around it?

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