Donald Trump Is Deplorable

By, Jason Taylor

I have a hard time picturing a single person hammering together the Democratic coalition through sheer force of will as Donald Trump has done. Ironically, for a group that claims to laude freedom, Republicans appear highly receptive to top down, authoritarian government. Donald Trump is a breathtakingly ignorant strongman who has arrested the Republican base through sheer bombast. I think religiosity plays into it a bit. Evangelical Christians move almost lockstep with the Republican party. They’re a group that likes their commands to come from on high, and abdicate their own moral responsibility as thinking agents.

Democrats, and more generally liberals, are prone to flights of passion. The fact that so many people fought so hard for Bernie after it became apparent he would lose is proof of that. The difference as I see it between Republicans and Democrats though is that Republicans seem to worship selfishness, whereas Democrats err more toward inclusivity. Attitudes toward refugees and economic disparity illustrate this quite clearly.

The contrast between the Donald and Hillary is easily seen. The mother that personally blamed Hillary for her sons’s death that spoke at the Republican Convention was not attacked and degraded. The same wasn’t true for the Khan’s. See the difference between class and intelligence compared to vulgarity and stupidity. Donald may not be questioned or attacked. Can you imagine a President that can’t take criticism without an attack. My god, is half the country that stupid to put someone like that in charge of the justice department, IRS, military and nuclear codes.

Do I think a low-intellect rabble rouser could take over the Democratic party. Sure, anything is possible. But I admit, it would be far more difficult due to the diversity of the Democratic base, coupled with the left’s disdain for the type of ego-centric nationalism that’s allowed Donald Trump to succeed.

You should really stop with the knee-jerk false equivalence thing. Get out and visit a Trump rally. Take time to scroll through the streams of ignorance, racism, misogyny and hatred that flow openly and proudly through America now. No. Most of us don’t watch Fox News, listen to talk radio, or immerse ourselves in the alt.right media cesspool. We swim in the sea of actual reality a place were it is easy to see how desperate you are to deflect attention from your own and your party’s responsibility for the rise of Trumpism.

“In a world where a figure like Donald Trump is a major party’s nominee for the presidency, why shouldn’t a character like Alicia Machado aspire to high office as well? I’m joking…”

What you’re doing is holding the lady up (or down) to the standards to which Donald Trump, unprecedented in American political history, has forever altered the discussion of public service in the name of “self.” Ms. Machado, whatever her personal history, was humiliated and shamed by a man for no other reason that she threw off the rags of the “good little girl” and sought her own way?—?however notorious?—?to achieve it. And you’re right: she’s not running for president?—?but Trump is.

Hillary Clinton had every right to call Trump out on his misogyny and why not? Hasn’t the Republican presidential nominee made a name for himself as a man who uses and abuses women? First one then another, always in search of the perfect specimen?

“Democratic voters swim in the same cultural sea…and will be pulling the lever for Hillary Clinton this November.” The white supremacist wolves snarling in the forest as they approach the Trump campfire in the middle night “will be pulling the lever for Donald Trump this November.”

Your irritating obsession with “the left” wishes to equate a current celebrity with an existential danger to America.

Alicia has exposed the tawdry and despicable sexist habits of your candidate. Mr. Trump.

And we are not all swimming in the same sea. Democrats are on the beach, with sunscreen and umbrellas, while you guys are out in the surge. You threw blood in the water. Now sharks are coming. You earned them.

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