A Look Into Why this Educated Woman Will Not Support Trump.

By, Melissa Dawes

If you have made it to this point of the election cycle and have not felt personally insulted by something Donald Trump has said, congratulations because you are in the minority! For most of this election I have tried to laugh off Trump’s antics because I never actually thought he was capable of winning the nomination. Talk about needing to do some serious soul searching to figure out how I got that one wrong.

Of the groups Trump has kicked to the curb, the one that seems to baffle many pundits has been educated female voters. They try to explain the low polling numbers through graphs and charts. They seem to understand the what, but they never talk about the why.

I’m not sure why it is hard to provide context to the low polling numbers, after all I don’t know a single educated woman who had to Google “deplorable” after Hillary Clinton’s infamous basket of deplorables remark. We already knew what it meant. And educated women tend to take issue when a male chauvinist goes out of his way to objectify, fat shame and insult those of our gender.

Bottom line: Educated women understand what is happening in this election. They see a snake oil salesman taking advantage of a segment who don’t know how to express what it is they have been feeling through the ups and downs of our societal problems. And when they hear someone speaking to their angst and anger, they run towards the siren song. Facts become irrelevant at that point.

I remember being trolled once by a Trump sycophant who happened to be female. Trying to understand how someone I assumed was reasonable could throw her support behind such a fundamentally flawed candidate, I asked her about it. That was an answer I was not prepared for and it began to make sense why the “poorly educated” polled high for Trump. She exclaimed her excitement over all the things Trump was going to do. Which led to what I assumed was an obvious question: What exactly did she think he was going to do because he had absolutely no policy positions other than his ridiculous wall? She happily admitted she didn’t know because he kept that information to himself so other politicians wouldn’t steal his ideas.

If you have followed Trump, you know that last bit is actually what Trump exclaimed as his reason for not sharing policy ideas. What stunned me was how quick his followers would regurgitate the unbelievably asinine excuse. And was she ever passionate over this reasoning and defended it as long as it took for her to move her mouse to the “block” button and I never heard from her, again.

Here is where we get to another point an educated woman takes issue with: We don’t like being told to just accept something because someone told us to. You want to see how fast an educated woman will pull out her arsenal of spectacular vocabulary, just tell her she doesn’t need to worry her pretty little head with facts.

With the election just a month away, you will see an army of women with brains making a last ditch effort to protect what it is we love most about this country. Yes, we care about the constitution and rule of law. And yes, we want to make sure we end up with a president and a Congress who will do everything in their power to protect what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to create. But what you will see most in this last month is brilliant women making sure knowledge filled with data and facts reinforced with anecdotal stories fill social media feeds in hopes of helping voters make an educated decision come November 8, 2016.

While passion might get us thinking about the candidates and what they stand for, we can’t let that be our only reason for selecting a president. The emotion-filled response will not get us a leader who can actually lead. You will merely get someone selling you a bridge to absolutely nowhere. I want to know where our executive is going to take us and what decisions that person will make when the pressure of the job becomes intense. We already know how Trump handles pressure. You get 3:00am Twitter rants worthy of a prepubescent teen trying to understand why no one will play with them. If it is those tweet tirades that appeal to you, great! Follow him and enjoy. Just don’t make the rest of the country have to put up with this monstrosity. We have more important things to do as we help get this country back on course.

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