The Six Take: The VP Debate

By, Six

So the big VP debate happened last night and it was pretty much as I expected. Kaine was prepared and touched on all the liberal taking points and I’m sure the Democrats were satisfied with his performance. And of course the AltRight Trumptards could care less about how Pence preformed , you know (Cult)

Kaine was overly feisty in the first 3rd or so. I don’t think his interruptions played that well with the TV audience. However what became painfully obvious by the end was that poor Mike Pence, for all of his composed professional mic experience, simply had NO good answers for the litany of outrageous things Trump has said. He barely tried to defend any of it, either ignoring the Trumpisms altogether or simply saying that Trump had never said things that he is on tape saying. That’s just not going to fly. that said i expect the win/loss audience polls to be much closer than for the Trump/Clinton debate.

We need for the media ‘moderators’ to exercise some degree of moderation and rise above 8th grade level questions. The two candidates, for all practical purposes, live in different worlds, and we live in a third. The media has an obligation to rectify these differences and perhaps even root out some truths in the process. None of that happened. The debate was merely two lieutenants propping up their bases in a discussion that ranged from the political center to the right. So much was left out of this discussion that it should be immediately disqualified as having any merit or value whatsoever, please call it what it is?—?a farce. There are no winners in the election this year?—?we’re all losing.

As I watched , Kaine quoted Donald Trump numerous times throughout the debate and Pence would immediately try to defend Trump by saying Trump never said Trumps words. It was ridiculous and sad. No sensible person could watch the debate and not come away with the impression that Pence lies as much as Trump and will profusely lie for political power. It was clear by his facial expressions he willingly sold his soul to the Alright Zod.

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