The People God Uses

By, Lorana Hoopes

Ever since I declared I was #NeverTrump on Twitter, I’ve heard this line: “God uses imperfect people to accomplish his will.” I do believe this, but is Trump one of those people? Now, I don’t claim to know what God is thinking or who he is using, but let’s look at these Biblical examples that people keep touting.

Noah: Noah was a drunk, but he was also the only man who was following God’s commandments at the time, which was why God decided to save his family from the flood. Noah had a close relationship with God.

Jacob: Jacob was a liar. In fact, he tricked his father into giving him Esau’s blessing, but he then went on to serve the Lord.

Samson: A prideful womanizer. In fact, it was his pride and a woman that were his downfall, costing him his strength and his eyesight. In the final moments, he asked for forgiveness and the strength to do one last thing for God.

David: Perhaps one of the biggest examples. David was an adulterer and a murderer, but remember David faced Goliath at a young age with God by his side, and he repented after the adultery and the murder. David is the epitome of imperfect people being used by God when they have a close relationship with him.

Saul who later became Paul: Probably the one most pointed to. Saul persecuted Christians until God turned him around, but here’s the catch?—?God blinded him, spoke to him, and then Saul was a changed man. Instead of persecuting the church, he became an apostle and began spreading the word of God.

So, is it possible for God to use Trump? Absolutely. God uses all of us, even with our imperfections, but what do you see in this list that Trump seems to be lacking?

A relationship with God.

Now, I don’t personally know Trump, so I can’t say for sure he doesn’t have a relationship, but the fact that he’s never had to ask for forgiveness, never felt the need is pretty telling. The fact that he thinks he is perfect and can do nothing wrong is pretty telling. The fact that he thinks saying Merry Christmas will strengthen religious freedom is pretty telling. The fact that he called it 2 Corinthians (instead of second) and can’t name one verse in the Bible is pretty telling. The fact that he constantly belittles others is telling. It certainly doesn’t appear that Trump has a relationship with God, which would then make it hard for God to use him for good.

However, even more importantly is that God can use men who refuse to know him as well. Remember the pharaoh in Exodus? God hardened his heart, and this man refused to see the miraculous signs. Many of his people died from the plagues, and he ended up losing his own son. God has often used boastful kings to destroy kingdoms.

Because I have seen no change in Trump’s behavior, I have seen no remorse, and I have heard no apologies, it is hard for me to believe that he has the Holy Spirit residing within him. Therefore, it is hard for me to believe that God is going to use Trump to accomplish his will. If anything, it makes me fear Trump more because Proverbs says “pride goes before destruction.” Donald seems to have plenty of pride. I can only hope our destruction is not the next step.

So, if you have convinced yourself to vote for Trump, that is one thing, but don’t try to sell people that God is going to use him to do great things. It isn’t supportable with the evidence, and it mars Christianity to be pointing to that man as an example.

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