Can a Narcissist Run Our Country

By, Lorana Hoopes

I think Politicians by nature are pretty narcissistic. You’d have to be to want to have your face plastered everywhere and face re-election every few years, but Donald Trump goes beyond just a narcissist. He actually has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In fact, psychiatrists actually want to use him in their teaching of it because he is such a classic case.

So what are the symptoms?

Here are the more benign ones: First, coming across conceited, boastful, or pretentious. I think even his followers would agree that he fits that bill. I have yet to hear him give a speech where he doesn’t boast about his many endorsements or the fact that he beat sixteen competitors. Second, monopolizing the conversation. Did you hear how many times he interrupted Hillary in the debate? It was like he literally couldn’t stop himself . . . because he couldn’t. Third, belittling people. Also a no-brainer. He mocked a disabled reporter, said flat chested women couldn’t be a ten, called women fat and ugly. The list goes on and on. Belittling people seems to be what Trump does best. Next, feeling a sense of entitlement and getting angry when you don’t receive special treatment. This also fits him. He flies off the handle at anything he thinks doesn’t give him the treatment he deserves. The list also includes: an exaggerated sense of self-importance, expecting to be recognized as superior even without merit, exaggerating your talents (can we say superior businessman even though nearly every business has failed), and believing you are so superior you can only associate with equally superior people?—?this must be why his mind is his best advisor, he doesn’t believe anyone else is equally superior.

These are nothing to laugh at, but I think every politician has them to a degree. It’s the next few that really bother me and should scare anyone considering voting for him to run our country. 1) Requiring constant admiration?—?How long will it be before he erects a statue in his image and asks us to worship it? He’s already threatening the free speech of papers who don’t like him. This is very dangerous and should give everyone pause. 2) Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations?—?Evan McMullin hit this on the head today in his Facebook interview. Republicans in congress will at least stand up to Hillary, which makes her less dangerous. They have already proved they won’t stand up to Trump, and he has already shown if you go against him how nasty he can be. This should stop people dead in their tracks at the voting booth. 3) Taking advantage of others to get what you want?—?We already know he does this as he supports eminent domain and wanted to tear down elderly houses for a parking garage. How much worse will he be when he’s president. Who will he be taking advantage of then? The last one should be the nail in the coffin for voters: 4) Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others. Donald Trump is running on this “for the people” platform, but it’s all a sham. His personality disorder actually makes it impossible for him to care about you. The only one he cares about is himself, and he can’t even help it.

With all of this readily apparent, it still strikes me how many people jumped on his bandwagon and thought that he could change. Just now they are starting to realize that he can’t, probably doesn’t even want to. You see in Donald Trump’s mind, there is no one better, there is no one smarter, and he doesn’t need the advice of anyone. This is not the kind of man we should put in the oval office. If he can’t take advice now, he won’t be able to on the big items either. He will always knee-jerk react when he feels maligned. Imagine his 3am Twitter rampages on a much larger scale. And he will always expect everyone to worship him.

Voters elected him hoping for a change from the politicians, but I don’t think this is the kind of change they wanted.

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