Why Is Donald Trump All In The Clinton Marriage?

By, Jason Taylor

Donald Trump just can’t see to keep his hands out of Bill and Hillary’s Clinton’s marriage. Donald is not running against Bill after all. He’s running against Hillary who’s been married for 41 years.

How low? Trump’s pneumonia burlesque was just the start. Later at the rally, which, like other appearances leading up to the second debate, on October 9th, was an opportunity for him to test out some mud-throwing trajectories, he railed about the dark forces preying on “unsuspecting” Pennsylvanians, immigrants who illegitimately become citizens, and how movies aren’t as good as they used to be. Then he offered this: “Hillary Clinton’s only loyalty is to her financial contributors and to herself. I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill, if you want to know the truth. And really, folks, really, why should she be, right? Why should she be?”

Trump interjected, “Heh, heh,” pronouncing each syllable in a way that validated the realism of countless cartoon voiceovers, and removed any doubt that he was talking about sexual, rather than political or financial, loyalty. But it was also a remarkable reminder of the proximity of all of those qualities in the Trumpian mind. (Earlier, speaking of Hillary’s donors, he had said, “They own her,” as if the mystery of a woman in politics lay in figuring out who held the deed.) In the first debate, Trump said that he could have said something “rough” about Clinton’s family; afterward, he claimed he hadn’t for Chelsea’s sake, while making it clear that he might the next time. Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, and others around him have argued that there is a perfectly respectable way for him to talk about other people’s marriages: Hillary, they say, played a role in besmirching the reputations and the credibility of women who either told the stories of their affairs with her husband (many of which he’s now admitted) or accused him of nonconsensual acts (which he and his lawyers have denied), and this says something about her lack of respect for women. If properly executed, that sort of thing might have some resonance, although the ready answer is that, rather than mendaciously engaging in some woman-destroying scheme, she had simply trusted her husband. But Trump is not interested in establishing gender-politics alibis for his personal attacks. Instead, he is focussing like a laser on who slept with whom.

Donald Trump seems to have a issue with Hillary Clinton’s marriage to Bill. Why? He’s running against Hillary not Bill.

At the rally, Trump called her, effectively, a traitor?—?disloyalty to country being of a piece with disloyalty to husband. “Hillary Clinton slanders and attacks anyone who wants to put America first,” he said. And, at another point, “Like the European Union, she wants to erase our borders and she wants to do it for her donors and she wants people to pour into our country without knowing who they are. And you want to see problems? You watch.” Trump mentioned people who’d gained citizenship despite having records that should have prevented them from doing so. He said he’d asked if they could be stripped of their citizenship and had been told, “Well, we can’t do that, because that wouldn’t be constitutional”?—?as if that were the dumbest reason for not doing something he’d ever heard. At another point, after reciting various alleged Clinton scandals, Trump gestured toward the press section, and said, “They’re letting her get away with murder, they’re protecting her.” There were, no doubt, people in the audience who did not believe he was using the word “murder” figuratively.

I know many of his supporters/ fans will twist this into his favor, some variation on a brilliant businessman who’s come out on top. But he’s an amoral man who’s gamed the system to his own advantage on other peoples backs. Never has this man’s motivations been for others. It’s always about him and his personal fortune, his over the top lavish lifestyle needs. But someone needs to break it to him, he’s going to die anyway, just like the rest of us. He can’t buy his way out of that one, nor how history interprets his legacy.

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