Donald Trump & Milton The Stapler Guy

By, James Hamilton

Donald Trump has been trumpeted by many Americans as the man who’ll ensure that their voices will finally be heard. The great irony is that very little of America’s voice has been heard during this election. It’s been subjugated by far more trivial discourse. While Donald’s forced now and then to talk about issues for appearance sake, the frequency with which he changes positions would indicate that his stances could hardly account for his true popularity. It would be sure to alienate at least some of his supporters. He is after all a celebrity first, and foremost. Perhaps we’re dealing with a fan base more so than a support base which would explain the general reluctance to tune out from the show.

That being said, there’s an allure that draws a certain segment to Donald Trump. I call it “The Milton the stapler guy faction” (Office Space). The wallflowers who’ve blended into the background, felt ignored and stepped over most of their lives waiting for the moment that they could speak out or stand-up for themselves. Take their “slice of the cake” and while they’re at it, get back their stapler and burn this damn building down! It’s not necessarily what Donald says that attracts them, it’s the fact that some of these folks can vicariously live out a moment through Donald Trump. To spend their moment in the shoes of a man who is continually unconstrained or limited by any real consequences for his actions. To even suggest that Donald should face any consequence pierces the veil and ushers in the stark light of day, thus the destroying daydream for these Milton’s and will be met with the harshest of resistance.

Milton has found his way into the Trump camp in many levels and forms. I know quite a few reasonably well adjusted highly productive members of society who were not so quietly adopting the “burn it down” stance well before it seemed that Donald even had a chance at the nomination. Milton (rightly so I might add) knew that too much was being asked of him. They had taken his office, they’d taken his stapler, they’d even deprived him of his slice of the cake. There are many who feel the same and would rather see it burn than continue to be taken advantage of like Milton. To them Donald may just represent a means to that end so any argument as to how bad he may in fact be for the country will just be met with an empty look at best while they wonder why you don’t get it.

Finally, there’s the Washington establishment. Milton. He’s been wanting to burn it down for a host of reasons. You see, we’ve taken his slice of cake time and time again by demanding more of him than the other guys. We’ve held him to a higher standard and expected him to do the job we sent him there to do by a set of principles that he considers antiquated and outdated. He’s tired of losing and if only we were out of the way things would be different. Enter Donald Trump, the perfect opportunity to finally purge himself of the Conservative weight around his neck.

No more losing election after election, no more being told that character matters. “It didn’t matter with Bill Clinton so now it’s our turn!” Milton’s had plans for a shiny new modern building for some time now and this “Grand Old Party” one merely stands in its way so he stands ready to watch it burn because from the ashes will emerge a new party unencumbered by the usual constraints. Gone will be the days when we must appear to have taken the high road Trump will usher in a new day where we can be as dirty as the Democrats “Ha that’ll show em!” careful there Milton if Trumps wins we may just be the Democrats.

Now this is by no means representative of even a majority of Trump voters, I know many incredibly intelligent people whom I respect more than I have words to communicate who’ve made the tough choice to vote for Donald Trump, each for their own reason. What this does represent is a subset of voters who can help us to understand some of what we see as the circus that is election 2016 plays out before our ever wondering eyes. If we can be sure of anything it’s that in the end there will be no winners in November and one way or another Milton will have his day. It’s going to burn. The fight now is to see which side gets to light the match. The best we can hope for is that enough of us can come together, man the buckets and at least ensure that it’s a controlled burn.

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