The Toppling of a Two-Party System

By, Lorana Hoopes

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican by nature, most will agree that the candidates this year are the worst we have put forth in a long time.

Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi, lied about emails, didn’t know C stood for classified, etc. Though she has more experience, and I would trust her with the nuclear codes more than Donald Trump, she is certainly not a good candidate. She calls Bernie supporters “basement dwellers” and Trump supporters “deplorables” and says they don’t represent America. She harps on how bad climate change is, but then climbs aboard her private jet to fly around. And she believes abortion should be legal right up to birth.

Donald Trump has no experience, calls everyone names, tweets about ridiculous petty things at 3 am, and can’t be trusted with nuclear codes. He claims his “temperament” is his best quality, which is laughable at best and utterly frightening. Refusing to release his taxes, he claims to be the victim, even though it is clear that he has taken advantage of the corrupt system for years. Worst of all, he has flopped on every issue he stood for in the primary. He stands for nothing.

These two candidates both have the highest unfavorable ratings ever, so why are people voting for them? Fear. Plain and simple fear. There’s been two parties for so long, we’ve forgotten what it was like before them. Republicans fear losing the SCOTUS picks and have therefore resigned themselves to Trump. Democrats fear Trump and have therefore resigned themselves to Hillary, but this is not what our leaders were supposed to be.

Leaders were supposed to be the men and women we trust to put the people before themselves, to do what’s best for the country and not their own pockets. Hillary made millions off her time in office and was investigated by the FBI. Trump has over 3500 lawsuits against him. These two are not the best we can do, but because of this two party system and because of the dirt in politics, these are the best we have to choose from. Except that isn’t true.

We have third party options, but all I hear is, “McMullin sounds great, but this election is too important” or “it’s a wasted vote.” It’s never a wasted vote to stand for the right things, first of all, but let’s look at this “all important” election. Really, this hinges on the SCOTUS picks. If Trump wins, he will “hopefully” appoint pro-life judges (or he’ll change his mind like his track record shows), and hopefully we won’t lose the House and Senate, and they will then approve those pro-life judges. They still probably won’t overturn Roe v Wade because it was a conservative SCOTUS that passed the 1973 ruling in the first place, and the court was again more conservative in the Bush years, but did not overturn it. If you are voting for Trump solely for this reason, you are going to be sorely disappointed. And if Trump wins but loses House and Senate?—?as pundits suggest might happen?—?he would never get a conservative approved anyway. If Hillary wins the presidency, but Republicans keep the House and Senate, she will also have her hands tied. She will have to appoint a moderate that would get approved. So this is really a moot point.

What you should be thinking about is this: If we continue to elect the “lesser of two evils” we are saying that evil leaders are okay. We are opening the door for someone even worse in the next cycle. If we say “this election is too important to vote the right choice,” what happens next election when there’s another issue that’s too important? We will continue to put forth evil people who should never lead a country. We already know from David French’s very short throw in the ring that good people are attacked, yet we continue to allow it by following the two party system.

This election is “too important.” I will agree with that. It is too important to vote for either major unfit candidate. It is too important to ignore the “good man” with experience, temperament, no lawsuits, and no FBI investigations. It is too important to vote the “lesser of two evils” when we have a choice that isn’t evil. It is too important to succumb to fear. It is time to topple the two party system.


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