Shady Donald Trump

By, Six

With all the buzz at yet another fact that has been uncovered about Trump’s shady life and business , we find out that Trump hasn’t paid any taxes since 1995. To most intelligent working taxpayers have to believe that this is totally unacceptable since Trump is self described as “really really rich”. As a taxpayer myself I’m outraged that Donald Trump has said in numerous TV interviews and tweeted for many years about how the American people are not paying their “fair share” of taxes.

Few children act as badly as this 70-year-old man. Once again the other evening he resorted to physically mocking someone as he pretended to be a woman with pneumonia who had attended a 9/11 memorial despite her illness. He’s done this before when mocking a disabled reporter and others. He never leaves it at the physical mime but layers it with verbal abuse and bullying tactics. His obsession with physical imperfections and human frailties us oblivious to his own lack of a perfect physique or youth.


Unfit for the presidency is one thing but he also lacks basic empathy, understanding, experience or knowledge of anyone or anything outside his bubble of protected wealth. Laws and rules don’t apply to him. He doesn’t care about morals, ethics, or virtues. He takes but never gives. He mocks but never cares about the pain he imposes on others. He never lacks for anything material but it is never enough for him. He is a complete failure as a human being.

Success is not money. It is what you contribute to the world, the friendships, family, good that you do, and the achievements that result in benefits to others through your selfless efforts. A legacy of grabbing, cheating, lying, insulting and destroying for your wealth is nothing. What profiteth a man if he gains the world and loses his soul.

He is not fit to be near the presidency for the diverse citizens of this country.

Almost all politicians are narcissists, comes with the territory. A while ago there was speculation that Trump has narcissistic personality disorder, and he has lived up to that moniker.


But he has gone into the frightening realm of pure solipsism; the world exists only for him. He bestows praise and gratitude upon those who favor him, and hurls scorn and vindictive at those who don’t. He objectifies the world (and people in it) in terms of how much pleasure they give him.

Of course his supporters say that they don’t mind the fact that their orange messiah hasn’t payed taxes in years and they actually think losing close to a billion dollars in one year is somehow “brilliant”. What is more deplorable is the fact that since Trump’s supposed 1995 billion dollar loss he continued to stiff contractors and filing bankruptcy after bankruptcy while involved in shady deals in America and abroad. Donald J. Trump is a Conman , and should never have any chance to hold public office on any level. Ever.

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