Donald Trump Is a Scumbag

By, Jason Taylor

If Trump is elected. he will be totally out of his depth. In one scenario, he won’t admit it to himself or anyone else, and he’ll end as a megalomaniac of a President; his minions, headed by Pence, will have to spend their time restraining him (if they are so inclined) from playing Mussolini. (Goodness knows what Congress will do).

In another scenario, he will he will admit (though not publicly) being out of his depth, and deputize Pence and the rest of his minions to run the administration for him, just as long as they remember to stoke his ego and give him credit where it isn’t due.

Either scenario will see Trump’s closest associates with their hands on the levers of power, and it will be Pence’s path to career advancement This is where the likes of Christie, Gingrich and Giuliani come in. They see themselves as part of a Presidential inner circle with more power than usual. For Gingrich and Giuliani, it will be their last chance of high national responsibility.

The psychological reason Trump is running for president is so he can exploit and cheat the whole damned country, as he cheated the IRS, and his business dealings, investors, and employees.

Compared to the US of A, he’s had a much smaller, less consequential field to plunder. This hasn’t satisfied him since he needs ever greater conquests to feed his need.

“as if increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on.” (Hamlet)

Trump has great ego addiction to power. Thus what more spectacular conquest than America the Beautiful, and then on to dominate and bully our foreign allies. I’m sure the diplomats abroad are studying up on ways to deal with him. If they’re afraid of him, he loves it.

His whole crazy campaign is a way for this narcissistic, egotist to assert his domination and power over more millions. And if he brings voters into his craziness, by the consent of the governed, it’s even more grotesque. To use Trumps own logic (as applied to John McCain about being a war hero)?—?I like people who know how to make money not lose it?—?so Trump must not be much of a success in business.

I enjoyed hearing Giuliani proclaim this morning that Trumpian tax evasion is what’s needed to run the country,i.e., need a guy who can figure out how to pay the least amount. So how, I wonder, would those skills be applied by a US President, since the US doesn’t pay taxes like the rest of us. Maybe just not pay the bills? Cut back a little more on the money for infrastructure and transportation improvements that might make our roads and railroads a little safer? Cut back on health care for people who are too fat? Cut back on education aid for kids who are just too dumb to begin with? As I said, what a scum Trump is.

A old businessman once told me not to hire somebody in a management position if there own personal finances were not in order. In my humble opinion, I wouldn’t trust a guy with my money if he had declared a personal bankruptcy. Loosing 900 millions, even if you have 5 billions, is evidence that there’s something wrong about you. Voting for such a person is evidence there’s something wrong about you.

It is likely that through real estate tax schemes he has been able to avoid income taxes his entire life. The only tax that could catch up with him is an estate tax of some kind. Notice that the biggest loophole he wants to create is to abolish the death tax, which only helps people with an estate worth more than $10 million! Somehow he spins this to tell the middle class he is helping them. The naivete of his base is yuuuge!

Anybody can lose some money on businesses, but he has done it on an unimaginable scale. And it seems his tax losses were not by clever use of tax shelters. It was with six bankruptcies, dozens of busted businesses, failed real estate projects, tens of thousands of people fired, pensions destroyed, lives ruined, investors monies wiped out. He built nothing lasting. He is only a destroyer of things, peoples trust, marriages. He could have been a contender, instead of a bum, which he is.

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