Donald Trump and The Educated Don’t Mix.

By, Jason Taylor

Most of the Republican party is ignoring the basic truth about the Donald?—?that he lacks the temperament and ability to handle one of the toughest jobs in the world. He is temperamentally unable to stop punching Tar Babies, so his opponents need only make sure they set out plenty of them. Hillary set up one for him and he is still flailing away.

Ignoring basic but unpleasant truths, and covering them up with falsehoods and nonsense, is a Republican specialty. The Iraq war was not going well in 2004, but dubya was reelected anyway. Obama is criticized for the slow economic recovery, but what the recovery was recovering from is never discussed. Obama busted the budget in nursing the economy back to some semblance of health, but dubya busted the budget even when our two wars were not counted and got little resistance from his allegedly deficit-hating party. Vietnam veteran Kerry was painted as a feckless coward and worse, while his draft-evading opponent was reelected as a strong and sage military leader. Global warming is a tree-hugger myth.

It is this Republican tactic of substituting propaganda for reality that has made the Donald’s success possible. Time after time and area after area, Mr. Trump has assisted this substitution, cleverly analyzing its chances of success and its best tactics while ignoring that reality was getting lost, as if reality did not matter. Now he opens the door to the light of reality, but his party is used to darkness.

I understand that some people are conservatives. It is about how they view life and the world. It is about a perspective and a belief system.

However, we do need to get one thing clear, there is simply no such thing as “conservative intelligentsia.”

What I mean is, in order to have a conservative intelligentsia, one would have to be willing to apply science and facts and evidence in order to form opinions.

This is simply not being done by so-called conservative think-tanks

To apply evidence and knowledge to reach a conclusion means that one looks to evidence to “form” an idea or opinion. Unfortunately, conservatives began with ideology or an opinion first, and then ignore all evidence that does not fit. Thus, facts became famously “pesky” and math becomes “fuzzy.”

There may be other reasons a person chooses to be a conservative, but it is not linked to things involving science, evidence, or fact

This is especially true when it comes to the conservative promotion of Laissez-faire economic systems, which one only has to look to history to see it does not work well, or even for most. One need to simply look to the early days of the industrial revolution and the masses who lived in squalor. Even when conservatives point to what they call “the good old days,” pointing to the 1950’s & 1960’s, they seem to forget the US labor force was 30% unionized then. Today it is only 10%

Evidence for conservative ideology is simply non-existent when it comes to economics and science.

I wouldn’t trust any intellectual who can rationalize a Trump presidency. There’s clearly no intellect lurking under the raccoon that he keeps on his head. Nothing that emerges from a toxic mix of spite, ignorance and narcissism has any chance of accidentally congealing into a coherent worldview, and any intellectual who thinks otherwise needs to have his bolts tightened.

Even the cynical idea that a failed Trump presidency will be a useful scourge on a corrupt system is not borne out by recent history. Eight years of Republican recalcitrance, demonizing Democrats, shutting down government, denying reality and taxing the poor to benefit the rich hasn’t collapsed the system. It’s hard to see how Trump could be any more of a scourge than that.

These same intellectuals think that a Clinton presidency would be a disaster, even though she’s highly qualified, is fairly hawkish, is unlikely to disrupt the status quo, and won’t do anything to disadvantage the one-percent. Trump, on the other hand, may well destroy the G.O.P. for decades to come.

So why demonize Hillary? The only thing I see is that Clinton is socially more liberal, and conservatives are out for blood when it comes to LGBT rights, abortion rights, universal health care and generally strengthening secular society. If they can’t turn back the clock with Hillary, they’ll stop it altogether with Trump.

This is a war of ideologies, not intellect, and an amoral stooge like Trump is unlikely to stand in their way.

Why is it that conservatives believe that liberals ideas are so toxic that it is better to vote for a liar and bully? The liberal ideas that have been used to govern are fairly benign: to use the force of government to stimulate the economy; to include all Americans within the fold; to level the playing field by offering some services at low or no cost, from free public schools, to free vaccinations and low cost health clinics for the poor; to raising the minimum wage. There are more, but I hope the idea is clear.

Where is the toxicity?

Even the flap about immigration is all over a misinterpretation of the struggle. It was only when we began to enforce the border in the 1980s that Mexicans no longer went home for the winter.

Again, what is toxic?

If it is debt, will that was raised by Republican tax policies coupled with spending on the military and on war.

The last week, starting with debate, has been a microcosm of Trump’s candidacy.

He started out on familiar conservative territory (immigration, lowering taxes), swerved on trade, and then went off the rails. Rankled at the end by Sec. Clinton, during the next few days he showed his lack of restraint, his braggadocio and his childishness.

It is telling and frightening that he is focused only on defending himself and on retribution for those who offend him. Ask him to focus on debate preparation or actually bothering to learn anything about the job he wants to undertake. He won’t do it.

He is a man child. Children, too, can be great change agents. But they shouldn’t drive a car or be President of the country.

Supporters who think they can control him, need to reflect on how well his campaign advisors have done. Supporters who think he will bring change, should carefully reflect on the price to be paid for the kind of change this man child can bring.

Go back to the drawing board and do a better job finding someone that can bring change without destroying foreign alliances and domestic tranquility.

Maybe the signatories to the conservative paper supporting Trump should spend some time reflecting on how to avoid their present embarrassment next time. They certainly failed their cause and the American people for this election year.

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