Cruz Crucified Himself Or is There Something More?

By, Lorana Hoopes

The Friday that Cruz came out in support of Trump remains a day of disbelief for me. At first I thought it was a bad dream, then I thought he was just like every other politician?—?only out for himself, but now I’m starting to wonder if there’s more to it.

Someone tweeted: “He was with Trump when he could have won, against him when he couldn’t, non-endorsed for max damage, and endorsed for no gain.” This person was right on the money. Then I began to think why?

Even if you hate Cruz, you had to agree he was smart. He was called conniving by his opponents. They said he was too smart and dangerous to get elected. Also, he was praised for his auditory memory and his patriotism by his followers. He seemed to always have his priorities in order: God, family, country, self?—?until he didn’t.

So why when Trump is now a sinking ship would Cruz suddenly endorse him? Why would he not just say he’s voting for him, but that he had a great debate performance? Why would he now be touting his praises when every other Republican is distancing themselves from the train wreck called Donald Trump?

Could it be for his career? Maybe. I’m sure he does believe he can’t help fix Washington if he isn’t in Washington, and Trump did threaten to have someone run against him in the next primary, but that’s not until 2018. By that time, Trump might be long forgotten if Hillary wins in November. (He hates losing so much, I’m sure he’ll try to claim he never ran.) And if Cruz were going to endorse Trump, the better place would have been at the convention when everyone else was singing Trump’s praises, and most wouldn’t have thought less of Cruz to do it then. Instead, he stayed strong and told people to vote their conscience. Sure he lost some followers, but he gained more who realized then that he couldn’t be bought.

Could it be for the SCOTUS? That’s what Ted claims, but that doesn’t sit right with me either. Cruz is smart. He’s been around long enough to know that a conservative SCOTUS passed Roe v Wade and that several conservative SCOTUS’s have yet to repeal it. He’s argued before the Supreme Court for goodness sake. The man knows more about them than almost anyone.

Was it for his buddy Mike Lee? Considering Mike claimed he was never contacted by Trump nor does he want any part of being on the list, I kind of doubt that. Lee has always been in Cruz’s corner, so I’m sure the two talk. From what I gather, Mike Lee was even taken by surprise by this endorsement, which also bothers me.

Could it be that he truly forgave Trump? If Cruz is the Christian he claims to be, then I hope he did forgive him, but forgiveness does not have to equate to an endorsement. God said “turn the other cheek,” not lay down and worship them. Therefore, I also find it hard to swallow that his forgiveness suddenly made Trump the best candidate.

What does that leave then? Well, it’s only a theory, but if you’ll follow me down my rabbit hole . . . I think Cruz’s family was threatened. He knew his career might be over after the convention speech and he still didn’t back down, so it makes no sense that he would do the endorsement for his re-election bid two years away. He has always done what he said, so it seems odd that all of a sudden he is throwing all of his principles away just for SCOTUS or for a pledge that Donald revoked first. He could have just stayed quiet like Kasich until after the election. If Trump loses, he would be a natural choice next time. If Trump wins, he could come out and say he was wrong and that he’s going to work with Trump. Both of these would have been better for his career, so why this odd endorsement at such a strange time? If you remember his priorities?—?God, family, country, self?—?then a threat to his family makes sense.

Even more telling is David French’s story. He threw his hat into the ring for all of about three days before dropping out because of threats to his family. If Trump’s team felt the need to threaten a relative unknown, why wouldn’t they threaten Trump’s most adamant opponent? They tried to malign Cruz’s character with talk of affairs?—?didn’t work. They tried to malign his character with unsubstantiated lies about his father?—?didn’t work. What could they do to destroy this conservative phoenix? Threaten his family with bodily harm. It’s the only thing that makes sense when you really look at Cruz, his character, and his principles.

Maybe I’m sorely mistaken. Maybe Cruz really is just another politician out for himself, but if I’m not, then we are on the precipice of electing a very dangerous man. If he can threaten and kowtow his staunchest opponent, who would dare to stand up against him? If I’m not wrong, we may very well be electing a dictator who will fundamentally change this country in a very malicious way.


  1. Cruz dropped out the same day the Donald accused his dad of being involved in the JFK murders. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. No one is holding trump accountable or even helping him understand what conservatism is! Cruz will call him out and then the Donald will punish him some more.

  2. And don’t forget he tried to save the Internet and the freaking rINOs wouldn’t back him! He was blackballed. We need Cruz working for us.

  3. Totally agree with all your thoughts here. Some more to consider: If Trump loses, no one can say it was because Cruz helped Hillary win by telling others to “vote their conscience” (Perceived: “vote other than Trump”). If Trump wins, then Cruz gets more chances to accomplish things he wants to get done in government.

  4. I don’t think our country could be changed any worse than it has started with Obama and then with Clinton if she wins continueing . I totally respectfully disagree with you . The left is spending millions to dig up any little morsel they can find on Trump . I think Cruz does not want Clinton in the White House . I think he should have endorsed him sooner but I think kasick and the Bushes were probably hoping he never would and maybe they were an influence as to why he did not endorse at the convention . I believe Cruz is a Christian man and did the right thing .

  5. If he was threatened, THAT might be the only reason why he would all of a sudden go goo-goo, gaa-gaa over Don. It does not make sense. I sometimes think of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and how Jimmy Stewart’s character starts exposing all what was happening behind the scenes. Ted Cruz, if he were to do that, I would admire him more. As it is, I’m glad he is still fighting in the Senate, but he should stay there. Maybe Mike Lee should run for president in 2020.

  6. That theory could be true.
    Think of it- some of the delegates at the convention said they were “bullied, and threatened” by Trumps “goons”. One female delegate describes being cornered in the restroom. It has been said that Priebus and Trump conspired together to oust Ted Cruz. ..
    Trump is also rumored to have mob ties with the New
    Jersey casinos he owns…..
    So the theory of Ted Cruz being threatened, doesn’t sound that far fetched.


  7. When Cruz endorsed Trump he was on the rise. People were saying he might have a shot (though still a longshot).

    G. Beck (or a co-host) said on his radio show the following Monday that if Trump was still way down Ted probably wouldn’t have endorsed.

    Obviously there had been tremendous pressure on Cruz to endorse. Plenty of threats too I’m sure.

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