Tax or Not to Tax

By, Jamie W

Look, everyone hates paying taxes. I know there are some democrats that make it sound like they think paying taxes is awesome so that everyone should love to pay taxes. Let’s get real. We all hate paying taxes. As they say, there are some things in life that are inevitable: death and taxes. WELL…. Not so fast… Apparently taxes are not so inevitable when your name is Donald J. Trump. Apparently if your name is Donald Trump, taxes are not something you just “have to do.”

So when you’re a “really, really rich, like super rich” loudmouth braggadocio, you don’t have to pay taxes. You also apparently don’t have to pay contractors who build your hotels or hang drywall or paint murals or install light fixtures or *insert any given blue-collar job here*… When you’re Donald Trump, you just don’t pay anyone, except yourself from your “self-funded” presidential campaign to the tune of $8.2 million dollars over the last 15 months. But hey, who’s counting?

Me. I’m counting. You should be counting. I’m counting every lie, every flip-flop, every insult, every bragging pat-on-the-back egoist statement he makes. You know, like at the debate when he bragged to all of us about how it makes him smart that he doesn’t pay taxes. What he really means is, he is smarter than you. Apparently he’s smarter than all those people that lost jobs and homes when he declared bankruptcy six times or when his business lost $916 million dollars in 1995 which was the first year of the last 20 years where he has not paid any federal income taxes. He’s a businessman you know. He is a salesman. He is in the business of selling snakeoil. Have you proved him right about being smarter than you? Did you buy his snakeoil? Then he’s right. He is smarter than you.

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