Trump VS. McMullin

By, Lorana Hoopes

This will only be the fifth election I’ve been old enough to vote for President in, but I have to say it is by far my least favorite. Out of sixteen fairly decent candidates and a reality TV star, we ended up with the worst candidate in history. The other side didn’t do much better.

I know a lot of Republicans have resigned themselves to voting for Trump because he’s better than Hillary, because they think he’ll be able to appoint pro-life judges, and because what we don’t know he’ll do must be better than what we know she’ll do. But I can’t do that.

I can’t look at my sons and tell them I voted for a man who repeatedly calls women ugly and fat and who maliciously spreads lies about people. I can’t look at my daughter and tell her I voted for a man who repeatedly cheated on his wives before divorcing them, is rumored to have raped a child, and would date his daughter if he could. I can’t to do that.

And so I’ve decided for the first time in five elections to vote third party. Of course, the first thing I hear is “that’s throwing your vote away or that’s a vote for Hillary.” But here’s the rub. We are stuck with two terrible candidates because we let a two party system run everything. If we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, the evils will just keep getting greater, so I’m voting for Evan McMullin.

Since he came out, people have said, “but he’s Mormon.” To which I say, “so what?” First off, he isn’t trying to convert the country. Secondly, Mormons believe Jesus Christ is the son of God. I can’t even say Trump believes that since he can’t name one verse in the Bible and has stated he’s never felt the need to ask for forgiveness. People have said “but LDS is like a cult.” Have you looked at Trump followers? Pretty cul- like to me when Trump says he could shoot someone in broad daylight and they’d still vote for him, and I’m pretty sure they would.

So here are some pretty big differences between Trump and McMullin. Trump believes Planned Parenthood does great things, even though most of their business is abortion. McMullin believes life begins at conception and is precious. He also believes tax payers should not be funding abortions. Trump believes in building a wall and deporting millions of illegals, but has no way to pay for it. McMullin believes in stronger borders, but not mass deportation. Trump dodged the draft. McMullin worked for the CIA. Trump’s Muslim rhetoric is divisive, but McMullin knows that some have been helping uncover terrorist plots, and their continued help is necessary. Trump can’t give a speech without praising himself and touting his many endorsements. McMullin has given several interviews about his actual plans to solve the country’s problems.

Is McMullin perfect? No, but no candidate is. What he is, though, is a good person with experience who wants to help save our country. He’s a man who won’t be mocking disabled reporters or calling women fat and ugly. To my knowledge he doesn’t have 3500 pending lawsuits or multiple bankruptcies. He is eloquent and likeable, and he will be on the ballot, either as a candidate or as a write-in, in 45 states by election time.

It’s time we stopped electing evil. It’s time we looked for better examples, better leaders, better candidates. It’s time we stopped letting the two-party system control everything.


  1. Good article. McMullin doesn’t hold himself out as “perfect” and no one who supports him thinks that, so not sure why you felt the need to make a point about it, unless that was your way of letting your readings know you know his Mormon faith is a flaw? Bloggers always did that to Romney, too, but never anyone else. It’s curious, don’t you think?

  2. Thank-you for writing this. The more people that stand up to the binary choice garbage the better. Our political parties have been abusing us to retain power. The Republican party uses fear mongering to make us feel we don’t have a choice. The truth is, there isn’t much difference between Hillary and Trump. Neither one truly stands for conservative principles..we can’t possibly know what Trump stands for because he has been on both sides of nearly every issue. Both of them have proven to be liars and we absolutely cannot trust either one with the responsibility of commander and chief
    . I would not hire a liar and cheat to watch my kids for even a half hour, why would I trust either one of these unfit individuals with my children/grandchildren’s future? If everyone who hates Trump and Hillary would quite being duped by the Democratic/GOP party machines and vote for Evan McMullin, he would win by a landslide.
    So wake up, America! You deserve better! Let’s get out of this abusive relationship we are in with the Dems/GOP and vote for someone who actually cares about America and has the record to prove it.

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