Ted Cruz bows to the Alt-Right Messiah.

By, Six

Ted Cruz , the man who played the part of an ultra Conservative Senator in the Republican party does the unthinkable.

With the public endorsement of Trump on Friday (yes it was an endorsement) many Cruz supporters were upset and shocked. As for me I wasn’t shocked but I was surprised at the news. During the primaries Cruz told the voters that Trump is a leftist , amoral and would never keep his word on anything. So why would Cruz endorse him ? I know why.

After Cruz’s “calculated” 180 degrees turn regarding his Trump endorsement, a historian, whom I know, and who is in the process of writing a book titled “Profiles in Courage II” told me this morning that he is hastily composing a chapter on Sen. Cruz, which the good senator richly deserves. (The historian already has chapters on Gov. Christie and Sen. Rubio after they had done their own “courageously” calculated 180 degrees turns regarding their Trump endorsements.)

Cruz endorses his doppelganger. If donaldjskittle has done one thing, it’s exposing the utter hypocrisy of a big chunk of the GOP?—?the religious right, in particular, look astonishingly craven. Do they honestly think that a modern day Scrooge, a self promoting and narcissistic, entirely disingenuous, amoral, conman, is running for president because he had a Christmas Eve epiphany? Is “religious freedom” the right to curse, insult, clobber, discriminate, rip off and lie with impunity and without remorse?

ALL politicians will do and say whatever it takes to win the next election and Cruz isn’t any different. Cruz has abandoned every single principle he ever claimed he had to support Trump. Cruz has sold his soul the the racist AltRight party (aka) the GOP. Ted Cruz is a total fraud.

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  1. You are so right about every point you have made! It’s going to be interesting reading “Profiles in Courage II”.

    Cruz has proven that he has no spine, and they both need to be removed from government.

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