Ted Cruz Surrenders To Trump

By Jason Taylor

For that brief, shining moment, I thought Ted Cruz was that man that said, “no, I am a man of principle; there are lines I will not cross,” and it was beautiful. Sadly, apparently, I’ve woken up to the dismal reality. Cruz claimed he arrived at his conclusion to finally endorse his former rival, Trump, after searching his conscience? What conscience? Is there a conscience? Does he even understand what the word means? The descriptions apply to himself as well as to Trump.

It is so sad to see Cruz give up his principles and his country in this way. I hope the thirty pieces of silver are enough for him, but then they never are, are they? Trump has already changed the moral compass of this country, so that we think lying, cheating, and stealing are the acceptable ways to go. Now Cruz, too, has endorsed this.

I’m so glad that Ted has found it in his heart to support the man who insulted his wife, insinuated that his father was involved in the assassination of JFK, and who defeated him not by winning a debate or putting forth a cogent agenda, but by calling him (and the other Republican primary candidates) names?—?in a fashion that would seem infantile even on an elementary school playground. What are we to make of the GOP “leadership” that kowtows to this bully?

I have been a Republican for the last 28 years, but when the party of Lincoln became the party of Trump, I didn’t hesitate to switch my affiliation. What a shameful moment for our democracy. The two party system is teetering on the brink right now.

The Cruz Cafe is now offering a heaping helping of hypocrisy to already overfed cynics of American politics.

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