Donald Trump Killed Me.

This election cycle has been to much for me. I can’t lie. I’ve written over 70 pieces about Donald Trump. I can’t write anymore. I’m just done. Toasted. I’ve written countless articles on this election, and it’s come to head. I can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to. I hate where America is today… I hate it so bad it’s hard to breath. I just can’t do it anymore. I hope you understand.

I understand, do you? America has turned into something very ugly. It’s not President Obama’s fault, nor President W. Bush’s fault. If you build it they will come… and they did. The GOP spent eight years slamming a Black President. Trying to create a democrat Watergate, or discover one. And now we have Donald Trump.

In past presidential campaigns, I have chosen the major candidate whom I support, and viewed those who supported the other major candidate as the opposition. In this campaign, for the first time in my life, I am forced to view those who support the opposing candidate?—?Donald Trump?—?as not merely the opposition but in fact the enemy.

I think the alt-right knows well the disinformation game, perfected by Dr. Goebbels, and they are smirking: witness the green-frog meme, a dogwhistle now entering the mainstream. Others, the Paul Ryan’s, know exactly how dangerous Trump is, but either naively think they can control him (where did that happen before?) or are so power craven they go along. Yeah, you, Priebus. Not exactly profiles in courage. The rest are stupid. But altogether they are, in a word, deplorable.

The motivation for Donald Trump to deliberately promote the big lie of birtherism was to draw media attention to himself. Trump wanted to be a provocateur so that cameras would stay pointed at him. Trump did not care that he was hurting the country with the utterly false claim about the legitimacy of the Commander and Chief. Trump only cared about staying in the media spotlight and self-promotion.

I really wish the media had taken a harder stance against Trump since the day he announced his candidacy and said Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals. I considered his campaign frightening since that day and not funny or entertaining at all. I will say I’m not surprised by his popularity. I watched Fox News during the 2012 Election Night and I was shocked to hear Bill O’Reilly talk about how Obama’s election signaled the end of “traditional America” with the rise of the black and Hispanic vote. He sounded like he was at a funeral. So it’s definitely no surprise that Trump is the result of 8 years with our first black president. Trump as the father of birtherism made it further ok to speak racism out loud in a political setting.

Hillary may well win the election, but Trump has, in many ways, won the campaign. Get ready for four years of nonstop conspiracy, muckraking, and willful ignorance.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I was a Republican until 7/21/16. Between the Indiana primary and the end of convention, I hoped the wiser heads of my party would prevail, and this protectionist, isolationist, misogynistic, racist, vile, vulgar, anti-Constitutional know-nothing would be pre-empted. They did not. He was not.

    I also have been writing at Clash Daily for 18 months, as a conservative, Constitutionalist, pro-life advocate. I have 4 college degrees, 3 in some form of politics. My dissertation was published as one of very few academic works on the pro-life movement from a pro-life point of view. I have earned my stripes as a conservative.

    Yet, since refusing to board the “Trump Train,” I have been called everything from “dumb” and “stupid” to “libtard,” “commie,” and “friend of Hillary.” And, of course, “n-lover,” “race-traitor,”dirty Jew” and “ovenworthy.” For the record, I am white, Pentecostal, not voting for Hillary, and both generally well-educated and a legit expert in the things I write about.

    I have told my editor no less than three separate times that I have had enough, can’t keep doing this, find it pointless, and want to quit. But I keep coming back because I keep thinking perhaps I can find the magic words to break the spell and make them see what an extinction-level-event Trump is.

    I am not sure who of us to feel most sorry for. I at least have the hope and cameraderie of #NeverTrump, a certainty that there are others suffering with me, and a remnant to build with after November, even though I have made a complete break with the GOP and am now a Libertarian and will vote for Johnson/Weld. You, however, have not had to watch the party you have been loyal to for decades be stolen and destroyed while you screamed into the night for someone to do something.

    The unfitness of Trump is such that I–a committed pro-lifer–am willing to accept a party that is not, on the hope they will at least not shred the Constitution. I think the abortion issue will only be won anyway in the hearts of people, and not with coercive laws.

    Blah blah blah. I didn’t mean to go on so long, but just to let you know there is at least one soul on the other side of the aisle (well, I guess now I’m not in either aisle, but you kniw what I mean) that totally understands, sympathizes and wishes it was all just a bad dream.

    Thanks for listening, and good luck.

  2. I hear you! So hurt, disappointed, and angered by the RNC. People I have supported have sold out for personal gain. People I respected have gone blind to evil. Our country hangs by a thread and the deceived cheer. We have suffering, a lot of it, to do before this generation opens their eyes to the need to preserve the constitution and acknowledge that honesty stands on its on value whether it benefits us or not!

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