Donald Trump Is Just Horrible

The press continues to treat each new day as if it were either Bambi or Thumper. We’ve evoked the metaphor of Lucy yanking the ball away each time Charlie Brown winds up to kick it. We’ve gone beyond the metaphor of the press as the country rube at a Three Card Monte game in an alley off Times Square.

Just as an addict survives on denial, and the person who loves the addict enables toxic behavior by not walking away, so two groups have chosen to mutually deny each new truth.

The first is the press. We all know at this point that, like Wells Fargo and its “goals,” the press has to create column inches or record minutes of “news” to serve as packing peanuts for its ads and commercials. News sells each Ground Hog Day as unprecedented, electing to be ever fresh and never cynical. For a cynical press begets a cynical consumer, and cynical consumers could very well choose not to buy today’s paper or watch ESPN rather than CNN.

The second is the public. Our government is so large, complex, and technocratic that we fear that we will never have a sufficient handle on what and how it does things to be able to make an informed decision between two qualified candidates for President. We can’t understand the Inside Baseball discussions about the economy, and even though a decision by the Fed to raise or not raise rates affects us enormously, we’s rather discuss nonsense.

Trump used yesterday to punk the media into letting him display Medal of Honor winners at his new hotel, trot out his own Gold Star Mother, tell what he hopes will be another “winning” lie that Hillary Clinton started the birther movement before going to Miami to urge a disarming of Clinton’s security team so that she could be targeted for violence.

America the possible from eight years ago when our country did what no other country could do in electing President Obama and re-electing him a second time, both times by a majority, much to the consternation of racist deplorables, made the rise of Donald Trump possible.

What we learned this week is that our country is fragile and Trump must be defeated by a massive get out the vote like we saw in 2008 and 12.

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