The Biggest Lie In Politics.

By, @BanditGolf

We’re 50 days out from a presidential election the GOP faithful had chalked up as a sure fire win before the primaries even started. But something ran amok. The party’s effort to thwart a conservative with a Liberty movement streak up his spine in favor of a moderate consumer marketing package was so out of control it spawned an amateur authoritarian nightmare as the nominee.

As winning and losing elections have become about candidates instead of causes, we are now inundated with the message that we must support the nominee with no regard for governing principle; because our nominee, after all, is the lesser of two evils. This my friends, is the biggest lie in politics and it is designed to perpetuate the corruption this false choice created in the first place.

Unlike bloviaters in the blogosphere and the chattering class of pundits and writers, I’ll refrain from attributing “evil” to either candidate. This only contributes to the distraction of the issue at hand. You see, voting is not about what you think it’s about. It’s not about expressing your righteousness. It’s not about your conscience and your ability to sleep with yourself. It’s not about your moral compass and your permanent record of never voting for a democrat. It is about who rules who, and how much Liberty they will extend to or take from you. Period. And it is not about a four year cycle, it’s about a life long pursuit.

The myth of the lesser evil is a tool of the modern Republican Party that allows them to continue slowly eroding your freedom in a co-ruling alliance with the modern Democratic Party. The GOP can no longer be held responsible for this, because it is we who have permitted it. We refuse to give short term ground and retrench to advance our cause in the long run, in preference for an inch by inch demoralizing, back-breaking, permanent defeat. All this, because “lesser evil”.

We’ve all heard the moral outrage about the GOP nominee from the #NeverTrump crowd. Every bit of it is justified. We’ve all heard the longing for an independent run by a “constitutional conservative” that “represents my values”. To this notion, and to each of you personally I say: NONSENSE. Stop the nonsense. Your vote is leverage. Your vote is a bat to beat your own side into compliance with your will and wishes. Do you want a Mike Lee, a Ted Cruz, or a Rand Paul type for a nominee in the future? Do you want a GOP that expends more ammo and capital firing at democrats than fiscal, social, and Liberty movement conservatives? If so there is only one way.

You must exercise your vote as if it is a weapon. It’s time we try coaching our own team instead of focusing on the democrats. For the value based social conservative: Plank-Remove it from your own eye. Worry not about the democrat’s corruption. For the capitalist: extricate the cronies that falsely claim to be your advocate. For the freedom fighter: fall back and retrench. Fight not over forsaken ground. For the cause to remain, and to secure a better way forward, you have but one choice: deliver a crushing blow to the Republican Party not only at the top of the ticket, but to the Vichy congressional and senatorial collaborators down ballot.

I’ll leave you with this example of what republican officials think of you and your vote, and with the only remedy available.

Following the Columbine massacre, the NRA “A”-rated governor of Colorado, Bill Owens, introduced a set of anti-gun bills and a ballot initiative against gun shows. When a reporter asked Owens whether the move would alienate his conservative base, Owens arrogantly laughed, “what are they going to do, vote Democrat?”.

Yes. Yes we are; not because we believe it is the lesser of two evil options, but precisely because we refuse to accept this lie and false choice Republicans are offering in the future. Full American political jihad is our last resort. No more “I can’t vote for a candidate I don’t believe in”. We’ve been voting for republican candidates we don’t believe in for decades because “lesser evil”. So spare the self righteousness. It’s a do or die, liberty or death election and we must rise to occasion and put our conscience aside for the cause of freedom that has been abandoned by the GOP. Conservatives of all veins are not only free to do the unthinkable, but are now forced and obligated to demand better and deliver the message by voting democrat: @Reince

Writer’s note: the biggest lie in politics is a concept I first heard from political consultant Mike Rothfeld. He declined comment for this article.

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