Donald Trump Is a Deplorable Candidate

Hillary Clinton told the truth. She said what needs to continue to be said. Donald Trump and his supporters are deplorable. Just look at his campaign rallies and all of the hateful merchandise sold at these rallies. Donald Trump is a racist. if you enable racism, bigotry, xenophobia, sexism, communism and hate…you are a reflection of what you enable.

Since when does ignoring a problem make that problem go away? Anyone who has watched film of Trump’s rallies knows that they’re filled with racist, bigoted whites who resent the gains minorities and women have made over the last 50 years?—?people who despise everything good this country has stood for for the last 200 plus years. That’s Trump’s base. Not saying that isn’t going to make those people go away, or make them any more amendable to reason and truth, or, more prosaically, to voting for Democrats.

Democrats have mollycoddled these bigots with mealy-mouthed discretion long enough. And they’ve made it too easy for others in the GOP to feel comfortable having those people as allies. There is no Trump without Trump supporters in the electorate. He mirrors them and they mirror him.

The most shocking poll result, though, is that 100% of Trump supporters are perfectly comfortable with a man who has a demonstrated record of:

1. systematically banning blacks from his family apartment complexes
2. paying zero income taxes
3. perpetrating the Birther Lie slander to political stardom
4. trading in old wives for the newest hot model
5. filing repeatedly for bankruptcy
6. defrauding tens of thousands at Trump University and Trump Institute
7. “Donating’ to state Attorney Generals reviewing his business fraud
8. Blatantly lying in virtually every single speech he makes
9. Pretending to be another person named ‘John Miller’ and ‘John Barron’ in the 1990’s, creating fake publicists to paint false pictures of himself
10. Stiffing contractors for work performed
11. Stiffing workers on their wages paid
12. Changing his political positions from liberal to conservative and back to liberal over the course of his life or over the course of a single sentence
13. Hiring 200 undocumented Polish workers (likely illegal immigrants) to demolish the building and clear the land that Trump Tower stands on

Donald Trump is likely the most prolific serial liar and lawbreaker the Presidential race has ever seen…and his supporters are thrilled.

‘Deplorable’ seems like a pretty reasonable word to describe people who would so proudly support America’s most unqualified and unsuitable candidate for the Presidency.

And so it continues. Trump can can be full out racist, sexist, hateful, call on his followers to beat up protesters and imply they should assassinate his opponent. He politically incorrect and is loved for the lies. Clinton tells the truth about those who support him?—?she gets hammered for being politically incorrect and apologizes.

I would tell Clinton. Be politically incorrect. Don’t apologize. These deplorable people need to hear the truth about themselves.

Tell the truth about them. Call them and their foul leader out. They are deplorable and they are closer to 50% of the electorate not 50% of Trump supporters.

Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing to apologize for because what she said is true. America needs to wake up to the danger that Donald Trump poses to this world, and most especially our nation.

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